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  1. Norm, That whale boat looks super. Two members in our marine model club have built that kit with fantastic results. Seeing your work you should have little trouble with Portland. Can't believe we'll eventually have to rig 16 davits for her life boats. I used some of the larger pieces of wood that separates the decks found in the older kit. The new kit has enough but I added some extras here and there. Bluejackets kit is quite complete. John
  2. Hi Norm, I made several oversights when forming my hull. As a newbie I just had at it and used the old mark1 eyeball to get the appropriate shape of the hull. As a result, I could not get the center line equi distance from the sides of the hull at each station point. It looked good enough not realizing the problems ahead. Thus far I have been able to deal with it. You'll notice that there is a slight camber in the hulls deck. I asked Nic about this and he said he did not concern himself with it. Looking back, I should have removed that camber. The build went quite smoothly until I set the hurricane deck in place. It was then that I noticed the camber caused the paddle boxes to angle outward ever so slightly. I apparently glued the main deck to the hull following the camber. There is now a noticeable gap between the paddle boxes and the hurricane deck. Easy to fix but something of note. When you get to the sponsons, let me know. I came up with a much simpler and quicker approach to this part of the build. Looking forward to your suggestions as you proceed. John
  3. Rob and Norm, I'm sure you'll be interested in this video about the Portland.
  4. Hi Norm, Here's a photo of the 1/2 inch section installed and faired to the hull. The main deck is also glued on. Used a piece of 1/2 inch stock that came with the older kit. John '][
  5. Hi norm1116, Unfortunately my Portland still sits as pictured above. I also have both kits. The older kit was a gift from a friend who didn't want to build it. Had it sitting around for years. I then opted to get the newer version with all the laser cut parts. In comparing both hulls, the older one seemed to be of another type of wood so I started with that. Someone told me that the new kit hull was 1/2 inch longer than the original so I cut the old one in half and added a 1/2 inch piece. This was probably a mistake as I had to make some concessions as the build went along. The newer hull is correct. My biggest issue was shaping the hull correctly. This was my first solid hull model and I really didn't understand the correct procedure that an experienced model would have used. As a result, the center line was a bit off from the start. This error has followed me through the build although I have been able to compensate here and there. Guess I've rambled on enough. Here's a start up photo for you. John
  6. Visited Lunenberg back in Aug. 2016 and took a few photos of Bluenose II. These are the only ones that show the planking of the hull and lettering on the bow. Hope this gets you started. John
  7. I don't know if this allowed as it comes from another (model railroad) forum. Some of you have shown interest in this subject so I thought I would share this with you. Several maritime shots included. http://www.railroad-line.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=51664&whichpage=1 John
  8. Hi again Rob, Thought you might like this, my favorite painting of the PORTLAND. I spoke with Mr. Muller on the phone a few years back to see if prints were available. No prints, only the original was offered. Go to his thumbnails for other spectacular paintings of these beautiful side wheelers. Enjoy. http://www.jrusselljinishiangallery.com/pages/muller-pages/mullerimage-boston-bay-1898.htm
  9. Here's another build for you to reference. See my comments and photos on page 2.
  10. Here is Jim Finans build on the PORTLAND. I've referred to it many times. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152720184325928.1073741831.593315927&type=1&l=8d5b89f0c5
  11. Hi Rob, I started working on the PORTLAND (updated version) back on April 1, 2016. Two years later, when I got to the officers quarters and walking beam assemblies, I ran into a roadblock. Couldn't quite figure out how to approach building either one. She has been sitting since then as pictured below. I did build two other boat models from other manufacturers in the past 12 months. Had to keep my mind afloat. I did take several photos during the build process so if you have any questions I'd be glad to help. John
  12. Hi Nick, This appears to be the kit of the "Rangeley" put out by Freedom Song Boatworks in Edgecomb, Maine. I built their "Nelly G" back in the early 90's. Construction very similar. John Elwood
  13. Hi there FAA. Welcome to the forum. I also live in Connecticut. Born here some 78 years ago. You might want to let us know your name and where bouts you live. I am currently a member of the Connecticut Marine Model Society. We just celebrated our 50th anniversary. CMMS gets together once a month in the new annex of the University of New Haven in Orange, CT. Several of our members have built many of the models mentioned in your intro. If you live in this area you might want to attend our next meeting on October 13. Perhaps you'll see one of your models in our show-and-tell. Might be a real eye opener. If interested I'll get back to you with more details. John Elwood Stratford, CT
  14. I love the looks and beautiful lines of your boat. Is she scratch built from plans?

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