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I have ordered some Maple strips for planking from Cornwall Model Boats and noticed that they are selling a variety of woods that i'm not familiar with:








Red Paduc



Anybody know the characteristics of these and their application in model ships?  

Samuel Pepys notes in his diary on 19 July 1667: "the Dutch fleets being in so many places, that Sir W. Batten at table cried, By God,says he, I think the Devil shits Dutchmen."


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Obechi - similar to mukaly

Annegre - same as tanganyka pretty much, same application, Billings use this for decking

Bokapi - not sure

Dibetou - a walnut

Manzonia - similar to walnut

Mukaly - yellowish wood, used for deck planking (constructo kits use this)

Red Paduc - not sure but reminds me of sapele

Tanganyka - very very common wood for deck planking, light brownish. Italian companies wood of choice for decking.


Mostly these are African woods that are similar colours and properties.


Check out Constructo and Billings kits as these woods are supplied with those kits.

Most italian manufacturers and Caldercraft use tanganyka for deck planking

Kits owned: Mamoli Royal Louis, Mamoli Friesland, Mamoli HMS Victory 1:90, Occre Santisima Trinidad, Constructo HMS Prince

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