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  1. Billings have a manual available online with a rigging plan: Billing Boats Cutty Sark
  2. The building frame completed - a little project on its own. Altogether everything fits very well, a bit of filing here and there and everything slots together. The kit provides a template for marking out the bearding line and placement of the rising wood at a later stage and the deadwood after bearding being done I then used an old utility knife blade to scrape the rabbet The keel in the template lying between two pieces of thick glass to keep it nice and straight and the finished product, all going fairly smoo
  3. I have managed to get my hands on the HMS Alert by Trident model. Cost for the kit was $350, shipping with Fedex to SA was $105 and the tax man took another $50. I see that James H also got this kit and is planning to do a kit review, so I will leave that to the experts. A basic idea of what to expect: The kit comes in sturdy nondescript box, everything was packed nice and tight, so it can't move during shipping Plenty of wood to keep one busy for a while - mostly cherry, all cut out with a CNC router, so no laser char to worry about The
  4. Can't believe old Terry Pratchett has been gone for more than 5 years, still remember the day he's passing was announced: AT LAST, SIR TERRY, WE MUST WALK TOGETHER
  5. Yep, i'm in as well, my favorite piece of man made machinery ever! Hence my profile pic
  6. Thank you for the the info Jaager, much appreciated! The white pear we have is the Apodytes dimidiata https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apodytes_dimidiata, still worthy of stocking up I think. Definitely going the scratch build route. PS. Apologies captian_hook for the thread drift.
  7. Yeah, I hear you. I try and stock up as much boxwood as I can. The horrible reality is that boxwood is used as firewood in rural areas over here! - one man's trash is another man's treasure comes to mind. The mixed indigenous has some potential, which I would like to explore in future - White pear, which is similar in characteristics to European pear and Cape holly, similar to the other holly species
  8. Interesting, i'm paying the equivalent of 5,50 Euro per kilo for Cape Boxwood(Buxus Macowanii) over here. From the local https://www.rarewoods.co.za/info/price-list-timber/
  9. I planked my Marie Jeanne with them, worked well. They bend easily and sand to a smooth finish.
  10. Welcome Nathan! Always good to see another Saffa join the ranks. What are you currently building or plan on building?
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