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  1. And then there is this: 'Sailing Yacht A'
  2. You are doing great so far Jo. Another important lesson to learn for a novice - how to hide your mistakes
  3. We have so many, people are getting a bit sarcastic over here
  4. Dusek ship kits, who is a sponsor for this site, has taken over Mamoli, so parts should not be a problem. http://www.dusekshipkits.com/mm65-leudo
  5. What about something slightly larger like a Beneteau Oceanis 31? Draft is about 4.5 feet with a shoal draft keel. http://www.beneteau.com/en/oceanis/oceanis-31
  6. From one novice to another, I think the Il Leudo will be a good choice. It is fairly small, so will not take up a lot of space, the hull looks like a fairly simple shape, so should be a good platform to practise planking techniques on and last but not least, the rigging is fairly simple, so will give you a good foundation for future builds. A bigger models' rigging can be quite overwhelming for a novice(as I have found out!) Whatever your choice, the most important part is to have fun. Good luck
  7. I have used modelling clay to make sandbags for a 1/72 diorama Something similar to this product: https://www.amazon.com/ACTIVA-Natural-Self-Hardening-White-pounds/dp/B07N2Z75YX?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_3&th=1&psc=1
  8. Aim High, if I remember correctly it should be connected with an eyesplice dropped over the masthead, the same way the shrouds are connected. The more knowledgeable guys on the forum should be able to give you a much better explanation, what I know of rigging at the moment is dangerous!
  9. I guess you can potentially make your own out of acrylic with either scroll saw, CNC or laser cutter?
  10. One on Ebay in OZ for AU$22 https://www.ebay.com/itm/MODELLERS-PLANK-BENDING-TOOL-FITS-1-4-SOLDERING-IRON-TO-HEAT-BEND-PLANKS/333017824372?hash=item4d8968bc74:g:kE4AAOSwEp5cPt7-:rk:1:pf:0 and one in Germany for €22 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Elektrobiegekolben-von-aeropiccola/233100075656?hash=item3645d8e288:g:3zAAAOSwN5hcOy7k:rk:54:pf:0#shId
  11. These ones - Hangar 9 sealing iron(many different makes available)
  12. I am slipping deeper into the tool collectors abyss! Bought an older model Proxxon FKS/E table saw and IB/E rotary tool for the equivalent of USD180. Saw came with 3 spare blades and the rotary tool includes a mini router table, router attachment and 10 router bits. ...and to sweeten the deal the guy threw in 6 high quality Eclipse toolmakers's clamps!(worth their weight in gold in my humble opinion)
  13. Finally some more progress! I'm great at procrastinating, sitting in front of my model, thinking of what needs to be done, ending up doing nothing Beakhead reattached and completed, hand rails added Anchor davits and pin rails added I've embedded the pin rack balusters into the deck to avoid knocking them over. It seems i get clumsier the closer I get to a ship model! Got one ladder done, a couple more to go... Started working on the cannons, they seem a bit over sized for the gun carriages. I only need to do four, hats of to the guys doing a ship of the line.

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