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  1. ...and then there is Africa Home of the big five and then some Elephant Cape buffalo Lion Leopard Rhino Hippo - had one in my back yard for the last two years Nile crocodile Giraffe Hyena Various dangerous antelopes - Oryx, Kudu, Eland, Bushbuck etc Warthogs Snakes - Black Mamba, green Mamba, Boomslang, Pufadder, Mozambique spitting Cobra etc Various spiders and then the good old malaria causing mozzie and the African honey bee
  2. I've seen similar white streaks in a wood that we call Meranti over here, a cheap wood mainly used in the construction industry. According to Wikipedia - They are sold under various trade names including "lauan", "lawaan", "meranti", "seraya", "balau", "bangkirai", and "Philippine mahogany". Genus - Shorea In my humble opinion it is not suitable for model ship building This is a sample i have in my wood pile with a bit of white streaking and some more from the same genus, but very different colors
  3. It is a pleasure to work with CNC parts, but it does come with its own challenges. I had a couple of sheets that was seemingly cut with a blunted CNC bit, that really roughed up some of the frames and it took a lot of extra effort to file/sand it back to a presentable form. Also reported by James H in his kit review here Alert Kit Review
  4. Framing is now complete. Next up will be fairing the inside of the frames, which will take a couple of days. All in all i'm surprised at how quickly this build has progressed, a bit more than two months to get to this point.
  5. There is a US company called the Small Shop that makes a couple of Photo Etch bending tools, mainly aimed at the plastic modelling community, but it should apply to any PE part Not so much a tutorial, but the link have a small video clip explaining how it works https://thesmallshop.com/collections/photo-etch-bending-tools/products/sms003-4-inch-hold-and-fold Application - from my experience, don't use a tweezer, it will launch a PE part into another dimension! I use a toothpick dipped in diluted PVA glue to move the parts around. Normally use CA glue to hold PE part in place.
  6. Yep, I had one of those hitching a ride with me a while back. Did a 30 mile trip with me, luckily on the outside of the car!
  7. Here's the links to two other kit manufacturers for the Mayflower, hope it helps, as both have capstans in their plans. Model Shipways Mayflower plans Artesania Latina Mayflower
  8. Billings have a manual available online with a rigging plan: Billing Boats Cutty Sark
  9. The building frame completed - a little project on its own. Altogether everything fits very well, a bit of filing here and there and everything slots together. The kit provides a template for marking out the bearding line and placement of the rising wood at a later stage and the deadwood after bearding being done I then used an old utility knife blade to scrape the rabbet The keel in the template lying between two pieces of thick glass to keep it nice and straight and the finished product, all going fairly smoothly so far.
  10. I have managed to get my hands on the HMS Alert by Trident model. Cost for the kit was $350, shipping with Fedex to SA was $105 and the tax man took another $50. I see that James H also got this kit and is planning to do a kit review, so I will leave that to the experts. A basic idea of what to expect: The kit comes in sturdy nondescript box, everything was packed nice and tight, so it can't move during shipping Plenty of wood to keep one busy for a while - mostly cherry, all cut out with a CNC router, so no laser char to worry about The metal bits Parts for the building frame, made of MDF I have already started with the building frame - have to say that so far it has been done very accurately - some of the parts fits so well that it doesn't really need glue to keep it together A dry fit of the keel assembly, seems to be very accurate Overall very impressed with this kit so far.
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