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Rogers, Sergison, Pepys Collections


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I am not sure this is the right area of MSW or in fact whether the moderators permit this. If I have broken a rule or lodged this under the wrong category mea culpa.


I am on the hunt for a book/paper/document written in 1938 by Captain Harold (Harry) Alexander Baldridge titled: Ship models, the collections of Rogers, Sergison and Pepys.


I understand it is a slim document some 14 pages in length.


I am hoping it contains a listing of the said collections.


If anyone has come across this would welcome his/her review of it. If they are happy to part with it even better or know where a copy might be obtained.






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Thanks Brian and Crackers


Brian: particularly interested in obtaining a listing (preferably definitive) of the Sergison and Pepy's collections. Not sure that such a thing existed(s) but Baldridge's title sounded promising. 


Crackers: the Naval Academy catalog sounds interesting. Will chase this up.


Thanks for your responses.



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Here's a Worldcat listing for the work: http://www.worldcat.org/title/ship-models-the-collections-of-rogers-sergison-and-pepys/oclc/39685807&referer=brief_results

You may be able to arrange an inter-library loan.


The USNI has the work: http://www.usni.org/magazines/proceedings/1938-11/ship-models—-collections-rogers-sergison-and-pepys

Viewing the work through them will cost $59 USD for a membership.




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FYI, there are no pictures of drawings in the article.  There are only a few models identified specifically - this is more a narrative concerning how they came into the possession of the US Naval Academy, the history of the collection and the provenance of the items.


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Hi Alan;


The Sergison and Rogers collection are the same thing.  It belonged to Charles Sergison's descendants before Colonel Rogers bought it,  from under the nose of R C Anderson,  who was really miffed that he had not been informed of the sale before it was completed.


The Pepys collection is a manuscript collection in Magdalen College,  Cambridge,  and contains no models.


Charles Sergison was Clerk of the Accounts at the Admiralty in the late 17th century,  and laid the basis for the collection before he died in 1719.  It remained in his family at Cuckfield Park,  until Rogers bought it.  Sergison inherited Pepys's models when the latter died. 


all the best,


Mark P

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Hi Alan,


I have a copy of Captain Baldridges booklet.It is very interesting but it doesn't actually list the models that once belonged to the Sergison collection.

He describes the collection in more general terms.


A list of the models found at Cuckfield Park in about 1910 first appeared in the Mariner's Mirror.



Dr.R C Anderson (as Mark P mentions above) also complied a list of the models,though some have since been re-identified e.g the royal yacht 'Navy' is now thought to be the 'Henrietta'.His list also appeared in the Mariner's Mirror.


There is some more info here:


Hope this is of interest,


Laurence B.

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