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Small scale Sterling Emma C Berry - How to reinforce the balsa hull?

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I have a small scale Sterling kit (about 1/80th, rather than the large RC kit) of the Emma C Berry, that I got so I can display this 2 masted version with the MS 1/32nd single masted one. She was built with the single mast, and several years later, converted to a 2 masted schooner. She sailed in this configuration, until donated to the Mystic Seaport museum, who restored her back to the as build setup.


My question is how to reinforce the soft balsa solid hull. I know that such hulls dent and crack easily, and want to add some type of "substance" to toughen the surface. I'm looking for something tougher than regular paint.

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The best way would be to plank it in basswood--lay out the lines in pen or pencil by tracing battens directly to the hull, assisted by Chuck P's handy "fan template".  It will look great and with craft store wood, end up cheaper than a can of resin...

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Planking is an option, but with this small a hull (about 8" long), I would have to sand a lot to account for even thin planks.


I may look into a product used to treat dry rotted wood. I forget the name, but have used it in the past. It is a thin slow setting epoxy, that is designed to soak into the wood. Poly resin may be a little too thick for this application.


Thank's for the suggestions!

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