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New Article in Database...Understanding Thread for Rope Making


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Pat...(Banyan) has put together a really nice article on understanding thread for rope making.   Its in the rigging section of the database.   Check it out.


Thank you Pat... :)  :)



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Um... gee, Chuck, just WHERE in the data base is the article? I have searched and searched for it and found nothing. I am about to spin up some line on a Jim Byrnes ropewalk, using 100% linen line. Yes... there IS a domestic source of 100% Linen line, at... www.threadneedlestreet.com which I have all five sizes. So, it would be great to read Pat's article on thread.





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An interesting article BUT at the end -under the heading 'What threads to use for modelling rope',Pat states, "the suppliers I have identified below are for threads that modellers throughout the world have as meeting their needs for scale rope" However, he has not listed any of these suppliers. Is he referring to the websites mentioned under the heading 'Sizing Make Up' or to something else that he has left off the file? - hate to sound obtuse, but I am a little confused.



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