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La Salamander 1752 kit


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I came across this kit on eBay and was wondering if anyone had any experience/knowledge of the kit.  The kit is for the La Salamander 1752, and it looks like the manufacturer of the kit is CFSHIPMODEL.  Looks like a very cool kit (although very expensive).

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Its not a bootlegged kit per say because there is no kit of that ship.  This is the only one.  But what you have there is a Chinese kit where they ripped off Ancre.  They even used the Ancre plans.  You can see it on the box.  I remember talking with those folks at Ancre and they did not give the rights to any of these Chinese companies to use their plans.   They are not even sure of the quality of the kit or if its accurately made to follow the plans the stole.  Its a shame.   Ancre is NOT getting any compensation for their hard work or research either.  Consider this....it would be like Model shipways or Bluejacket just ordering a set of plans from Ancre and decided "screw them"  lets use these to make a kit without asking for their permission.   Its no different than if another kit company decided to buy a set of plans for Cheerful and just start making kits.....without asking or paying and compensation.


Its certainly a NO-GO for ModelShipWorld.  We wouldnt allow a build log of this kit.



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