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Building A Miniature Navy Board Model - Philip Reed

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Has anyone ever built a ship following the techniques shown in this book?




By that I mean building in the miniature scale and building the top and bottom of the hulls separately?




Mr Reed has a very interesting way of building his highly detailed miniatures. I have an immense interest in this scale because of the limited space I have to work with. It's also fascinating and challenging to get that much accuracy at such small scales. This type of ship is also very aesthetically appealing. I know that I am moving in this direction with my current builds but I'd like to know from anyone here whether they've tried it and whether they've enjoyed it. The ship shown in the main part of the book may be beyond me right now but some of his other samples at the rear of the book look like they can be done.


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This looks like a book I will have to look into.  I have been building miniatures and putting them in bottles the last year and a half.  I have built two ships with split hull's with the purpose of fitting it in the bottle.  










I'm not sure if this is the same as the book or even the same technique.  I'll have to get a copy and see.  

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Daniel. That seems more like extreme miniatures. The Models in Philip Reed's book has full exposed framing below the waterline.


Allan, Thanks, I'll look into the books you have suggested, I was only curious if anyone here had followed Mr Reed's techniques.

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