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I am still in the process of scratch building the USS Syren, a group build on this forum from several years ago (I am not the fastest builder...). 

I am working on the carronades but have been unable to find any suitable brass or other metal carronades to use. I bought two 24lbs carronades from Jotika, but since they are rather expensive, I don't think I will use these though they are of excellent quality. 

Does anyone know where to buy good quality carronade barrels online? The ones in my local shops leave a lot to be desired. Ideally the barrels should be in metal and about 25mm long, 1/64 scale 24lbs carronades. 

I live in Europe but don't mind buying from outside the EU if posting is not too expensive. 


Another option I am considering is to cast the barrels myself, but as I have never done this before and don't have the tools required, that is not such a good option for me. 

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Hi You were one of the builders that inspired me to build the Syren. I still have all the pictures of your build log that I pulled for study. I ordered my Syren a few days before leaving for vacation in Hawaii and discovered yours and the others build logs on MSW. Since I had about 3 hrs waiting for my wife to get up in the morning and about 2 hrs waiting for her to get ready for dinner, I had a lot of time to research the build logs. I sent you a private message about your question. Anyway welcome back.

Current build: US Brig Syren (MS)


Larry Van Es

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Ship Modelers Association

Fullerton California



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Hi Larry. I've been building Syren (Build log: EatWycliffe). Coincidentally, I was just wondering about where to purchase a better quality carronade barrel than the ones supplied with the kit. If you would share the info you supplied to KLarsen, I'd be appreciative. Thanks much. Ed



Current Build:

US Brig Syren


Prior Builds:

MS kit Phantom

MS kit Fair American

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I am just in the process of building the carronades for my Syren model as well. The 18 pounder carronades from Caldercraft (Jotika) fit Chuck's plans perfectly. I ordered mine from Cornwall Model boats (http://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/). I converted them a little bit like described in my build log. The final result was satisfactory.



Current Built:   Model Shipways  Syren  (US Brig 1803)


Last Built:        Anfora (kit bashed)  Ictineo II  (1st steam powered submarine 1864)


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