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HMS Bounty Jolly Boat by Slagoon - FINISHED - Artesania Latina - 1:25, first build

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Hallo Sara,

I just started the same model so your posting is a mighty assistance to me already. I guess I will be using it as a reference quite often. In return I will try to maintain a similar log along the way.

I found out the description and the photo sheet in my kit don't coincide. The instructions of the first eight steps refer to photos as well. However, my photo sheet starts off with picture 9, being the first on which the completed, planked hull is shown. Do you, by any chance, have the first eight pictures available?? A photo or scan would be great.

This would help me massive in planking although I should be able to get through by the help of your log. I'm just hoping I don't miss out any details that the original kit has provided.



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Hi Hoves,

if Sara didn't have the instructions anymore, I can scan and send them to you.
I built this model at the same time Sara built his, but I haven't taken time to re-set my log since the "big crash".
Keep me posted if needed.


By the way, Sara, your upgrade on this model are wonderful ! Congrats.

Le mer enseigne au marins des rêves que les ports assassinent.
B. Giraudeau


On track: Le Renard

Previously on Sakcha's channel: The Bounty Jolly boat


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hey, sorry been a bit under the weather and not online...but if sakcha cant get them for you just PM me :) It was a really fun ship. I definitely used the build logs on here more than the instructions.



Current Build:

Krabbenkutter CUX-87

Harriet Lane

Fishcutter GO-38


In the Wings:

Corel Victory Cross section


Completed Build:

USS Missouri minimissouri.jpgHMS Bounty's Jolly Boat thumbnail.jpg Peterboro Canoe tiny.jpg

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