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Endeavour 1768 by shipcarpenter - Constructo - 1:60 - second ship

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after Santa Maria build I started work on Endeavour. After three years in box on cupboard his time come.

Photos of box and materials.











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happy holidays with ship modeling! I have free time in these days so litlle update.


What can I say to Constructo kit - I was disappointed with quality of plywood supplied.

It is some kind of softwood 3,5mm thick (or thin?) and it is only 3-layer (0,75 - 2 - 0,75mm). Plywood is naturally croocked as propeller. I can tolerate it with both eyes closed in case of ribs but keel need to be remodeled.

I bought for this very nice and straight piece of birch plywood 5mm thick with 10 layers 0,5mm each. I cut whole keel again,then I extended grooves in all bulkheads from 3,5mmm to 5mm - to fit on the keel.


Unlike plywood I am quite satisfied with the quality of wood - sapelli 2x6 mm for first planking, they look nice and good cuted.

Mukaly 0,5x5mm for deck planking - dont know if I use them, maybe I cut my own from maple. Ramin for mast and yards will be good, deck details manzonia and boxwood - some need to be redone but ok. Decorations on hull - ayous.













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If you haven't already glued all of the filler blocks to the center-keel, you may want to look at Post #1 Stepping the masts in a plank of bulkhead kit in the masting and rigging forum. You may find it useful since mast slots are not precut on your center-keel.



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Looking good Mr Shipcarpenter.

Welcome to the Endeavour Build Group.

If you haven't already, can I suggest go though and find the recent logs of Endeavours under build.

Great builds to have a look at for ideas and details to confirm to your kit plans are up to scratch. So many differ.


I agree with ca. shipwright, work out now how the masts are to be stepped now.


Will be watching with interest your progress.



Dave R

Dave R

Measure twice, cut once.


Current Build: HMB Endeavour 1768

(In the shipyard being constructed)

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Hello Dave and ca.shipwright, thanks for comments and for looking.


If you think the extension of the false keel in places for masts, I did it with pieces of scrap-plywood,

same material like keel. For main mast I add 2x5mm plywood on both sides. foremast and mizenmast only1 on both sides.

Slots for masts will be done with drills with corresponding diameter. You can see it on folowing pictures.


One of the bulkheads was repaired by short planks.

I made aft with places for windows and I removed pre-cut parts of plywood in places, where are the holes in the deck.













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Looks like you are progressing nicely. I think I will pull up a chair and follow along.

"A Smooth Sea NEVER made a Skilled Sailor"
- John George Hermanson 



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Hi SC That looks a very neat and precise hull and it should look very good when you get the planking done.

It looks like you have a very methodical way of constructing a ship, that will help a lot.

Keep bringing us the updates.

Thanks Chris

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Hi Chris, thank you very much for your comments. I´m preparing for planking, It will be hard job with 2x6mm sapeli planks,

but it is challenge.

I thought it is a slow way of constructing a shipmodel but you come with better name for it - methodical, thanks. :D

All this things I made moreover (against plans),is because I want to show the lower deck through hatches and captain cabin through windows.

Same I made with my Santa Maria, but this time will be more lights under deck beams - but this is for next update.

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Hi Again SC, slow, is OK by me around here as well, at the speed you are going, you will zoom past me.

I don't envy you using the 2x 6 sapeli, from what I have seen of it, it looks very brittle.


I am looking forward to see how you do the lighting, that is something I want learn, but know nothing about.

Hooroo Chris

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