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Unusual stuns'l boom location?


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On the Model Shipways plans for the Prince de Neufchatel the location of the studdingsail booms is shown behind and below the yard. This is opposite of all the resources I have searched through. Does anyone know why this is? Is there undisputable record of PdN that I'm missing?  Also the spar dimensions have what seem to be excessively long yard arms. Any insight would be helpful. I am inclined to build my yards to what my references describe as conventional.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas everyone

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Studding sail booms were not always mounted forward of and above their respective yards.  Some were mounted as you suggest and others were mounted above and behind the yard.  In the mid 17th century the Dutch and the French tended to carry their stuns'l booms abaft the yard where the English carried them before the yard.  The boom irons also changed around the beginning of the 18th century.


The proportion of the length of the yardarms also got larger when reefs started to be taken in the the sails.  The longer yard arms allowed a better lead for reef tackles.


Since the Prince de Neufchatel, I believe dates to 1812.  She probably carried her stuns'l booms above and before the yard.

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