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Dusek Ship's Boat by donrobinson - FINISHED - Dusek

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Here is a fun little kit to build. It is the ships boat by Dusek, the kit as you can see comes complete with pre-cut planks and frames. This kit is amazing as to how it all fits so well, I had no problems assembling, the instructions were clear and the wood was extremely good. Total build time including stand was approximately 22 hours. I would easily give this kit a two thumbs up and would recommend it to all. It is priced at 5 euros, making it even more attractive. After building this I defiantly am putting a full sized Dusek kit on my list.



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And finally a couple of pictures of the carriage I built for my granddaughter(Christmas gift), this is an Amati kit



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Hello Don,it looks very interesting and beautiful build you got there. I think you did a great job on her!! :)  The carriage is absolutely amazing ,granddaughter must loved it!! :D :D


Kind regards


Current Build: Amerigo Vespucci -Mantua- 1:100 scale


Completed Build logs: Bluenose II AL 1:75 scale


Gallery: Bluenose II AL 1:75 scale


Future Build: Royal Caroline -Panart- 1:47 scale







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Thanks so much Dimitris and Paul. I will have to look into the stagecoach someday, you make it sound very interesting.


Thanks again and Happy New Year :)  :)

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