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  1. Great investigative work! I can see these books are invaluable. Thanks
  2. Good to see you got an answer David. I hate it when you ask a question and it ends up the answer is right in front of you! LOL The question about the stays, are the second stays that you mention not called the preventer stays? Which were quite common on ships of that era. I believe most ships had these, at least the English ones. Lennarth Petersson shows these in his book.
  3. Nice work David, hopefully your troubles are over and it's a smoother ride from here on in. I am getting this kit very soon so I'll see how it all goes for me.
  4. Hey all, just to put a finish to this project I will show the final product and save you the boredom of the entire build. Any questions please ask and I do apologise for the delay. Thanks for having look Take Care
  5. Great build Glenn, congratulations! I am currently building her and have many of the same changes planned for her, most of the laser cut wood is terrible and needs to be replaced as you have mentioned. I wish I could have seen this sooner as I would have egged you on to show more especially the additional rigging. Thanks for showing what you did as it has given me some ideas and new techniques to utilise.
  6. I brush acrylic paint all the time and have never sprayed. I use the cheapest of cheap paints and get excellent results. The secret is to thin the paint, almost 50/50 and to apply several coats. The picture is showing my galley hull which has at least 8-9 coats. Also be sure to have all surfaces sanded very smooth, I seal the surfaces first using wipe on poly then sand smooth again before applying paint. Occasionally I will sand lightly between coats of paint if required. It is best to paint the entire hull, at least one side, and try to keep a wet edge at all times. Thin Thin coats is the ma
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