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Bluenose by bensid54 - Amati

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Planked Bulwarks at stem and stern then glued vertical poppets on bulwarks. With the first group of poppets I cut them longer than needed and glued them into place, once the glue dried I started cutting them to size with a hobby knife. While cutting them to size I thought this is way too time consuming, so I looked for something better which I found in the form of toe nail clippers. With clippers I could cut them straight and true with very little need for sanding or any other means for that matter to make them fit properly, you can see the end results in the pictures. 




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Very nice Work Sir.


Could you please give some advice about the paint and finishing.

I am also building the bluenose at the moment and would like to know what you used on the deck (if anything) to finish and protect it. Also, what type of paint did you use on the hull and other bits and pieces.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this is my first build.



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The hull was painted using two spray cans bought from Canadian Tire, one black and one red, not rust prevention paint. I painted the red first a little past where it would meet the black. Once dry I drew a rough line with a pencil where the two colours meet then ran painters tape along the line then covered the red painted area up so there would be no over spray. I sprayed the black at around 45 degrees to the hull so there was no chance the black paint would get under the tape. The deck is not stained or clear coated, I plan on clear coating the deck to help cover up my glue klutzing, that will darken the deck slightly and hopefully mask my mistakes. One thing you need to do is make sure the ribs and keel are lined up properly, test fit everything don't assume the kit maker did it right because often a mistake on the hull will cause you grief later.

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