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Smoothing wood filler

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I use Elmers wood filler for a number of purposes and find it to work fine.  Only problem is that sanding it makes a mess of find white power that gets everywhere.  Today I tried a different method.  I used a single sided razor blade as a scraper over the area that had been filled and it worked great.  No dust and I got a very smooth finish.  Just need to sand in a few areas that I couldn't get the blade into and a little finish shaping.   End result is a good surface and far less cleanup.

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That is a good idea. On the few areas that you need to sand, can you wet sand? I have wet sanded bondo on basswood with no problems, but I haven't done that on wood filler.

Good question.  I have never tried to wet sand wood filler.

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I find that often using a sharp edge as a scraper gives a much better result than sanding- I always use it  for decks and for the inital fairing of a first planking.

See http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/420-hms-pegasus-by-spyglass-victory-models/?p=8119

In the old days it used to be recommended to use a piece of glass - which does work,  Any sharp blade will serve - but generally I use a length of one of the two widths  of "snap off" blades which are big enough to enable a good grip and can be snapped off to appropriate lengths for the area of work.

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