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How are the bolt rope loops attached to a spar


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I'm looking at the plans for my AL Marie Jeanne and it shows the sails being lashed to the spar in a sort of circular loop stitch. However it does not show how the top two bolt rope loops are attached.  My thinking is that the spar goes through the loop and the remainder of the sail/bolt rope is lashed. See attached photos:




Plans depict the attachment as shown below. Note the bottom corner loop attaches to the end of the gaff of the lower sail. But nothing is shown for the two upper corner loops




This is the other spar




In most of the models I've built with pre-made sails with bolt ropes there has been some attachment point for the loops either to a lower level gaff/yard or some point (pulley block) on an adjacent mast.


What is the correct way?

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There is a rope laniard called an earing that is hitched to the head cringle.  When the sail is bent onto the yard the earing is passed 2 or 3 times between the cringle and the yard arm cleats to stretch the sail head taut.  Then the remaining part of the earing is passed vertically around the head cringle and the yard several times till the earing is expended.





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