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Deadeye Sizes - Stated and Actual


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If I had a few builds under my belt I probably wouldn't have to ask this, but right now I have nothing to compare to.


I am building Niagara - scale 1:64.  The parts list states 2 sizes of deadeyes 1/8" and 3/32" .  In actuality, the 1/8" are really 5/32" and the 3/32" are 7/64" .  So right off the bat I am starting with deadeyes that are a bit over sized.


Why does this matter?  I was hoping to use Chuck P's  deadeyes as a replacement but I am running into a size difference there too. Chuck offers 3mm, 4mm, 5mm sizes. The 3mm would be quite a bit larger than a 3/32" (the stated size) but not much larger than the actual size 7/64" .  Same story with the 4mm and 5/32" . The raw numbers:


3/32" = 2.4mm but the actual 7/64 = 2.8mm


1/8" = 3.2mm but the actual 5/32" = 3.9mm


What I am trying to determine is if I could go with Chuck's 3mm and 4mm sizes? They are a little bigger than the kit supplied and I don't know if that would be noticeable.


What do you think?

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