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Just finished airbrushing (Tamiya acrylic)  the hull of my current build - it's a VERY flat black. I'm already noticing dirt and dust build up, after just half a day :angry: .   Also, seeing hand prints, I Imagine from oils on skin. Lastly, there is already a small scratch making the gray primer underneath noticeably visible.


I want to get some protection on the hull quickly. I have some Valejo polyurathane varnish so that would be an option. My Murphy says there will be more scratches during the build. What I am wondering is if I go with the varnish, down the road can I touch it up with paint again? I think that is probably not a problem but would most likely have to do another coat of varnish after the paint?


I do also have some Tamiya flat clear paint. Would that be of any help? I like this idea as I am not ready to varnish the entire build yet. If a couple coats of clear paint would offer some protection it seems like this would be my best choice for a temporary solution.


What do you guys think?

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That's good feedback Don. Thanks. And you are not kidding about the vulnerability of the black. I feel like I should be wearing gloves when I pick it up.


I just wasn't sure if painting on top of varnish and then having to varnish over that was a good idea or not.


I will try it out on some scrap first. I went out of my way to mix the black extremely flat. I need to see what effect the varnish will have.

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