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gluing pre-stained wood

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A wood dye should have no effect on a PVA bond.  A stain is a surface coat - similar to paint - it would depend on the specific product  - but there is a chance that a bond may fail because the stain seals the wood pores and blocks penetration of the glue polymers.


Your best bet is to do the experiment on scrap wood and determine the effect.  The stain manufacturer could have altered the formulation and if someone had an answer from years ago, it may not apply to your situation.

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My experience is that solvent based stains result in weaker joints over extended time. I have had great results using a water based with strong joints with both the PVA glues as well as super glue. Also a quicker assembly time due to quicker drying timers of the water based stains. Just my two cents.

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