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  1. Ben, I have made the propeller, but have really been buried non stop designing model kits for Model Expo and they have several more in the line up. They are various subjects and time consuming. I started this for my son in law as a spare time project and guess what no spare time yet. It is one of those good news, bad news situations. But it will get done some day. Thanks for checking in.
  2. We have visited that museum twice, all are in for a really great experience and time. Just a fantastic place to see and explore.
  3. Kurt, I to use Staybrite almost exclusively and with a 120 or 45 watt soldering iron. If a brass part is really thick then I will use a propane torch bottle type from hardware store. Also what dvm27 said is true for best results in most soldering operations.
  4. I just finished reading your book! I just wanted to thank you for taking the near-infinite time and patience to create such a clear and delightful book. There is so much information packed in there! It changed my thinking about what can be accomplished at small scale as well!

    Working with metal is new to me (as is ship building; I'm new to MSW), but I will endeavor to work up to something approaching your style and point of view. (I believe it will take few years, at least!) Best wishes and thanks again!!

  5. Nice build and great presentation the medal is a nice touch! What’s next?😎
  6. Paul, your build came out great! I really enjoyed seeing the alterations and detailing you did. I have always considered kits to be jumping off points for extra detailing. Keep up the great work and the next thing you know you will be scratch building.
  7. Paul, please keep in mind that the 5/16" dowel is a reference dimension for the dowels to be ordered by M.E. for kit production and given manufacturing variances dowels can be slightly larger or smaller. Please reread page 34 where is says use the boom ring as a gauge when tapering the mast. The cast parts are labelled correctly. As for the 3/8" that is tolerance to allow straightening the mast allowing for variances in the build by individual builders if the mast foot is slightly out. I personally do not like to see crooked ( out of perpendicular) masts. I hope this helps. Look at page
  8. Arthur, not sure why you are experiencing the problems you are having. The boat in the pictures in the instructions were built from the laser cut parts in the kit and before being released M.E. also had two independent builders assemble the kit as well as part of the proof of production and the only issues were tweaks to the instructions for better clarification of terms for new builders. This is a standard practice I have asked M.E. to do with all kits I have done for them. I also purchased 1/24 scale sailor figures for my build, not to be included with the kit just for my own dis
  9. Michael, great brass work on the lantern. I am looking forward to the engine build which is the part I enjoy the most in my builds. Have a great day!
  10. Jon, I emailed Marvin and he said yes to the 1,000 or more discount. Email him with the size and quantity and he will give you a cost. I have known Marvin for years he is honest and fair. Have a great day and keep up the great job you are doing.
  11. Jon, are you aware of these Marvin is set up to sell these in bulk packs of 1,000 for members of this site. You might want to check out the various sizes they offer, this is the smallest and you may need magnification to use them. I have used these and other items they offer in my builds. Just FYI Ken https://model-motorcars.myshopify.com/collections/small-parts-hardware/products/rivet-04-mm-head-diameter-brass-k069
  12. Welcome aboard from a fellow Canadian now living in California. You have come to the right site to learn!
  13. Welcome aboard! A Canadian born in Marathon, Ontario retired and living in California. You will learn a great deal on this site,
  14. Gerald, just another fantastic build that you should be very proud of accomplishing! Now what may be next?
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