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HMS BOUNTY - Billings - by deckape

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               I am new here to this site I hope I fit in, this will be my first post This is my 1979 kit of the Billings HMS BOUNTY  scale 1/50, I started this many years ago but never got it finished it is calling on me, if i dont get this done it would be a waste of money and time. As you can see the kit has been started and about 80  percent completed please excuse the pictures they will improve as the build continues... I have hundreds upon hundreds of builds i have completed and aboput 56 of them that need to be finished.. When I complete this vessel I will finish up on my 1939 Bluejacket Flying cloud clipper as of the update construction am attaching the blocks to the yards before they are attached to the mainmast. This is not a bad kit the fittings did not come with the kit back in those days Billings never add thier fittings to thier kits, they kept the cost down by not adding them to the kit. I was still in the Navy when I bought this kit it was the newest kit up to date in the billings lines.. I should have this build completed in 2 more weeks then i will get started on the flying cloud. Here are the update pictures of my Bounty.










Turn To Continue Ships Work

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I think this is awesome.  Great job.  I am building an HMS Bounty (constructo) and am still debating whether to paint the swivel cannons in Bronze or Black.

Ahoy Jay

                   Thank you very much for your reply most modlers feel its a pitty to paint over brass I am one of them but if will be more realistic if painted with several coats of flat black wash. Even though i am goin to rig the cannons on my Bounty they will be done before I get started on the mizzenmast, I havent paind any attention to this model for more then 26 years ago. Reason for it not being finihsed in all those years I had other projects that needed to get square away. In 2 weeks she will be done I already have aplexi glass dust cover made for her already. I love to see yours come to life I be watching with entrest.


Turn To Continue Ships Work

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Currently awaiting delivery of my second kit. It's a 1:64 bounty by Mamoli.While I'm waiting I'm going to research as much as I can.This site lokks like the best place to post a build log so i'll most likely do that as well. I'm new to this site also. Keep pluggind away, nice work.

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