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  1. From the album: Billingboats ISABELLA

    Here is the Billing boats 1962 kit of the Spanish galleon ISABELLA scale 1/66 Frankie Day
  2. Ahoy Shipwrights Okay long time no see but still here okay fellas here is the final reveal of the Isabella she is finally completed now for Norske Love I will post update pictures of the build I started on her about a month ago so I will start another build thread on her The Love is a older kit 1970s issue like that of Isabella everything has to be cut out by hand I would not have it any other way old school kit verses old school dude. Frankie Day
  3. Ahoy Model Shipwrights Okay Isabella is almost done I have all of the sails done I got them back from my personal seamstress they all fit to size as per sail patterns. Okay all of the sails have been installed next will be the rigging of the sails this will be easy because all sail blocks have been previously rigged during the running rigging. This Sunday she will be completed I will take some nice final reveal so stay tuned for that, Here are the pictures Frankie day
  4. Ahoy Shipwrights Here is another build report on Isabella, Glad memorial day weekend is over with it took me away from the building bench now its back to ships work. In this build report I have installed and rigged all of the fore yards the blocks that haven't been rigged yet are the sail rigging still waiting for the sails to come in I should have this build finished by this week end I am doing the main yards and the two spencer yards when done they will be rigged adding rope coils as go along. not much to the running rigging it went faster then the standin
  5. Thanks Guys Okay here is another update build report on the Isabella, Thus far all of the standing rigging is finished next is to lay down the ratlines on the upper platforms and she is ready for the running rigging and the installation of the yards. I went to a seamstress and have my sails made for the Isabella using the kits sail templates and sail cloth that was included in the kit a nice touch to say the least. Now Days fully sewn sails are included in the kits it makes life a little sweeter. Okay I uploaded a slew full of pictures apposed from the last posting.
  6. Ahoy Shipwrights Thanks guys for your comments I am honored, Here is another update build report thus far all of the lower shrouds have been rigged. Next will be the stopping of the ratlines and the upper shrouds will follow, After all shrouds have been rigged and ratlines attached its time for the preparation of the yards and running rigging lastly will be the rope coils and she is done I assume I will have anywhere from two to three weeks and she is launched into the gallery. Frankie Day
  7. Ahoy Steve Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb job buddy she is a Beauty I be getting the keel together on the Norske love she will be my next huge build a lot more to that kit then Isabella. Hardy Well Done Steve Frankie Day
  8. Ahoy Shipwrights Here is another update build report on the Isabella, The standing rigging has been underway working on the shrouds once the shrouds are completed the ratlines will follow next. After all standing rigging is completed the yards will be prepared and installed along with the running rigging. she is coming along very well I should havethis kit completed in three more weeks working at a pace of 10 to 14 hours a day gives the impression of a fast build ion the norm this would take three to 6 months to build at a pace of 1 to two hours a day or
  9. Ahoy Shipwrights Okay a while since the last posting, Here I am starting the standing rigging following the old English rigging. Starting from the bowspirit fore stays have been rigged all back stays on the fore mast have been rigged one more top side on the main to the forte top stay will be rigged next then I will proceed aft and the shrouds will follow, The build will slow down no worry to spend 16 hours a day on the build she is beyond any more drying out and crumbling away in a box. Thus far a very enjoyable build I am hooked on this old kit as if I w
  10. Ahoy Shipwrights Okay guys the nightmare is over with all structure and important assemblies have been completed and detoured from anymore wood to deteriorate. the kit is in its complete state of construction all is left is a little tune up here and there and the installation of the cannons. I am constructing these as of now got three installed the kit gives you 12 cannons of turned shiny brass, opeong of the shutter bays were easy I thought I would run into trouble cutting these out but no soap they were cutted out with no problem as I swipe the sweat from
  11. MAST CONSTRUCTION Ahoy Gents Here is another update video of the build thus far the entire hull has been completed the installation of the rudder has been completed the fitting set to the kit gives you a set of brass gudgeons or rudder hinges. I will save the opening of the shutter bats will be done last next thing to do is the construction of the 4 mast, again taking care when cutting out the disc for the mast platforms they had a recess ring that fits on top of the mast platform that will except the green crows nest wind shields. In turn the
  12. Ahoy Steve Beautiful job buddy the build is very clean the windless looks Superb the arrangements of the channels and dead eyes are spot on. Hardy well done buddy Frankie Day Thumbs up buddy
  13. Ahoy Here is another update build report the entire hull is now complete with the exception of the opening of the shutter bays and installation of the rudder. The hard part of the build is behind me and the fun parts will begin the deck furniture will follow and the cannons too. Not to much on the deck fittings I will start with the gratings and make a set of ladder ways a lot to do to make this relic come back to life. A very difficult kit to build mostly the dried and splitting of the wood made this kit a issue to build. A word of caution I would love to share here on the
  14. Yep I have the same kit I got mine two weeks ago it came with the dvd I never constructed a ship model in my like with a dvd its going to be hard to take measurements off a dvd but they give you the dimentions on the dvd all metric like everything else nowdays no complaints a matter of taste from this company. Hardy well done tghus far in the contruction build on my friend your doing exceptionally well Frankie Day
  15. Ahoy Popeye The old Thermopylae is looking Superb buddy, Looks to be the same scale of my old 1971 Scientific kit which is the best kit they ever produced very accurate to say the least great job on the chain plates and installation of the dead eyes they look the business not certain if my eyes are playing any tricks the dead eyes look a tad oversized, But they do look great from my view keep building buddy your doing very well on this old classic clipper of a bygone age of sail never forgotten . Frankie Day
  16. Ahoy Gents Okay Gents here is another update build report on the old Isabella. Thus far in the construction all channels and knees have been installed to the vessel doing the mail top course rails when finished the front and aft parts of the super structures need to be stained and planked as follows basically the entire hull has been planked. I should have the hull completed by this evening and the opening of the shutter bays will follow the deck furniture gratings cannons and lots more and lastly the construction of the four mast and another challenge when it co
  17. Ahoy Gents Another update build report thus far in the construction finishing up the planking and adding channels and knees should have the hull wrapped up by this evening and the real fun will begin. The wood in the kit is starting to cooperate no more splitting it goes to show the dead wood needs moisture. I have 7 other old Billing Boats kits in my stash pile I went bqack and checked them out to see if the wood is like that of Isabella but I lucked out the wood is still fresh. The wood Billings use in their kits are differ then the usual mostly Ramon and Mohogany t
  18. Ahoy Gents Okay guys the Isabella is getting there I spent some time going back tuning up the build every time I finish a sequence in the build I stand back and marvel at the progress anything that don't look right or I over looked I tear it out and start all over again. Tomorrow I should have the entire hull complete the opening of the gun shutter bays will be next along with the red and green stain then the deck furniture will follow and add the fittings Frankie Day
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