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The voyage to Cadiz, 1596


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There are often times when i start out to peruse some newfound item that interested me and, due to my apparent inability to focus on the topic at hand, I wind up chasing some squirrel around to some totally different topic, and today is a case in point.


Not really sure what I started off looking for, but I ended up perusing

Laughton, J.K., W.G. Perrin, and C. Lloyd. 1902. The Naval Miscellany Vol. I. Publications of the Navy Records Society,v. 20, 40, 63, 92, 125, 146, 153. London: Printed for the Navy Records Society. https://archive.org/details/navalmiscellany01laug



In there, I came across a rather fascinating article - The Voyage to Cadiz, 1596
The voyage to Calis in Andalusia, faithfully Related by Sir W. Slingisbye, employed in that service


It describes the fleets, the political context, and so forth.  Very interesting reading.  I found, as well, the engravings to be most interesting, particularly the flags for each squadron.











Lastly, for those with an interest in older cartography,



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In the illustrations, it's interesting to note that the forecastles are drawn as small houses or huts with peaked roofs pierced by the foremasts.

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