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Oseberg- Billing Boats #720

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I'm about ready to begin construction and need some advice from anyone who has constructed this model.  Because the hull planking is laser cut and the edges will be exposed after the hull is completed, I was wondering if builders have sanded off the "burnt" edge prior to plank placement to give a more uniform color.  I see many completed models have been dark stained and was wondering if this was their solution to the "burnt" edge appearance.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.



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Hi Dan,


I don't remember burn marks so they must not have been very severe.  I would have sanded them off if they were noticeable.  The stain tests that I did are on page 7 of my log, I ended up using Minwax Aged Oak.


I hope that this helps, please let me know if you have any more questions.



Also, you should check out: Oseberg ship by Von_Kossa - Billing Boats - Scale 1:25, 800 A.D (First wooden ship build) also on this forum.  It was a great help to me.


The location of my log is in the signature block.  If I can help in any way please let me know.



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Hello Dan G. Les here. I built this kit last year. I sanded all of the laser burn marks off of every thing. Then assembled kit. That way you don't get that black line all over. I just wiped a light coat of teak oil on the hull to blend in the wood planking etc. Make sure it dries dull with no shiny spots. If you don't the dust will show up. Also I went to a fabric store and bought some red and off white stripped material for the sail. Way better than trying to paint cloth. Man everything stunk of burnt campfire while sanding this stuff out.

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