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  1. You and your brother are lucky men Sailor1234567890. It seems that this craft is a highly coveted assignment for both captain and crew. I would be interesting to see how she does in the Vic Maui race now that she has a new hull. I have downloaded some excellent colour photos of her in port with all the trimmings. I have the book also, called "The People's Boat", by Shirley Hewett. It will be figuring out hull drawings and how to render them into frames to make the hull. The next difficult part will be some of the deck items etc. You can't buy them off the shelf. But other than that I'm stoked
  2. My table saw and blades are fine. That isn't the issue. My question is if you look at the end of a 3/4" x 4" walnut plank, which way would you rip it to get the most flexible planking? Would you stand it up and rip .5mm strips then rip it to 5mm or lay it flat 3/4" rip .5mm strips then cut to 5mm? And sorry as I said I am talking about walnut, the second planking a lot of manufactures supply in your kit.
  3. Sorry all, I am talking walnut. The wood that Mamoli includes in the kit for second planking. Just looking for some advice on which way I should rip my 1x4 planks as the manufacturer would have done.
  4. The dimensions are 4mm x .05 mm and 5 mm x .05. Modelers Central sells for $.64 ea US and a British site sells for .05 pounds each. I require 60 pieces so with the exchange on both suppliers I'm looking at nearly $100.00 dollars to get it. I can cut my own for the power required to run my table saw.
  5. I don't know what species of wood that Mamoli or Corel uses, but I have a good stock of American oak left over from other cabinet jobs. If you look at the end grain of a 2x4 you'll see concentric rings. I can't see them on my oak as the grain is very tight.
  6. Hi Les here. I am finishing up my Beagle but have run out of walnut second planking. To source it pre cut will cost about $100.00 to get it shiped to my house here in Canada. I have some 1x4 planks in my shop. I can cut it on my table saw but I don't know in which direction I would do it. I tried this before and the planks cracked when trying to install them. So do I stand it up tall on the four inch and cut to thickness and then cut to width or the reverse?
  7. Hi Les here. I purchased a micro lux micro sander #81266 from MicroMark tools. If you require something for detail work this may be a good choice. I use mine regularly for removing glue build up in tight areas and paint bleed on trim. Best part is after you have used up the adhesive sanding pads you just go buy adhesive sheets for random orbital sanders and cut to size.
  8. Hello Les here. I agree with reklein on this issue. I was suckered into trying latex paint. Hey a litre or quart is dirt cheap compared to model paints. Also I tried a rattle can on my 1/72 Snowberry. Covered all the detail and had to use laquer thinner to remove it from the photo etch. I don't have experience with Vallejo but I use Tamiya and this is a very good product.
  9. Hi. Les back. The plans I received are in different scales based upon what the plan sheet shows. I will be having them scanned to a certain scale once I decide upon size. I have downloaded several colour pictures and have decent reference guidelines. The ship has a steel hull so I'm wondering what would be the best way to render it. My most concerning issue is with the supply and building fittings this ship has. Things like fairleads etc are high chrome etc. This will be my biggest concern. I think a larger scale as Jim Lad says will make it easier to recreate the smaller details. I am very fo
  10. Hello Les here. I am in the process of planning and build of the HMCS Oriole. Canadas oldest serving ship. I have full plans and am wondering about scale. Not too big, not too small. Any ideas? Sorry if it's in the wrong slot.
  11. Thnx all. I'll do some more searching then try out my carving skills.
  12. Hello Les here. I have a question for all of you out there. I am building Mamoli's 1/64 Beagle. I am looking for a 1/64th scale beagle to decorate the bow. I have searched high and low. Research has indicated there may or may not have been one. I feel it would be a good addition. It could be a Snoopy or metallic. It's for decoration and a conversation item. I have perused the stock of jewellery stores, places like Micheals and craft supply centres to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thnx.
  13. As to resistance soldering I have looked at this and the equipment involved. I just don't know anything about it or if it requires different techniques to achieve the same results.
  14. Thanx guys. If I get this right I'll be able to solder fly hairs to a microbe.
  15. Well here we go. No guts no glory. Thanks for your help. Fortunately two extras are included, so hopefully I can get this right before I start on the real ones.
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