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Bending wire to 90 degrees...

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I am trying to bend soft florist wire to 90 degree angles to make handles for chain pumps to be located on the gun deck of my HMS Surprise. It requires 4 90 degree angles in a row to create a rectangular handle. However, I am having trouble getting the angles to be sharp enough to look as good as the Jotika model on their website.





Does anyone have any tips on how to do this?

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Try bending them over a steel machinist's square or a small anvil. A piece of machined metal will give you the sharpest angle over which to bend the wire.



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Do you have any friends that are into RC airplanes? If so, they could lend you a special pair of pliers used to put 90 degree angles in control rods. It's just what you need. I'm traveling right now, so can't post a picture but you could find a description on any RC hobby sales web site.

Eric O.<p>Current Build: US Brig Syren, kit
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Florists wire may not take too kindly to a sharp 90° bend.  Maybe try brass wire and heat it to red and then allow to cool, bend it and use a light hammer to persuade it to go 90° over a sharp 90° block.  It can be painted or chemically blackened to look "right".

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