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Mississippi River Steamboat 1870


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hello friends 

i was looking for the Mississippi River Steamboat 1870 and i see a lot of kits with different scale 

can someone give me a review on that ship 

also i never build a kit of sergal can you review that factory

the link for that kit is :


b.t.w mantua and sergal is the same factory? 

thank you and best regards


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I have built this model and it is a fantastic kit, the die cut plywood is of good quality and the timber which is mostly walnut is nicely machined with a good consistent grain. I also thought the metal fittings which were of good quality brass some of which is nicely machined and and cast components were excellent too. The only criticism I have is the paddlewheel is a tad on the large side but it could be cut down with a little bit of work if its not to your taste.

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