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Rigging the Jib on HMS Victory


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I am in the process of rigging my Caldercraft Victory model. Could anyone provide information on how the Jib Downhaul and Jib Inhaul rigging is handled if the ship is built without sails. I have fabricated the Jib boom and Flying Jib travellers as per Longridge but can't find out how to rig these two lines. The Jib traveller has two 9" blocks attached for the Downhauler and Inhauler and there is one block on the Flying Jib traveller, these lines obviously run through these blocks and terminate on the Beakhead Bulkhead but what about the ends which would be attached to the Jib sail(s)?


I hope this all makes sense.



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On unsailed models there is always the question of where to secure rigging lines that are made fast to the sails - buntlines, slablines, leechlines, bowlines, downhaulers, etc.  These lines are frequently omitted from models and references are few.  I believe these lines would be stopped", ie tied off, at a convenient point where they would eventually be needed to bend the sail.  


Victory's jib would have been bent to hanks on the stay.  So this work would be done on the bowsprit where the sail would be tied off to the hanks with robands.  In the absence of sails, I would suggest stopping the downhauler to the halliard with both secured near the bottom end of the stay.  When the jib was brought out for bending, these lines would be separated, the sail tied off to the hanks and the foot secured to the traveller(?),  the downhauler would be threaded through a few thimbles on the head of the sail, then made fast with the halliard to the peak clue.  The sail would be then hauled up by the halliard.  The downhauler would then run out parallel to the head of the sail through the thimbles.  To downhaul the jib, this line would be hauled in from the forecastle and the jib would come down


Make sense?



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