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Dyson pure hot cool purifier

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Had an email concerning one of these recently so I thought I would check it out.




Couple of notes, Dyson is a very well known UK brand - if nothing else the owner is an inventor who actually makes stuff thqat works that Britain also exports so he is rather an asset. His stuff tends to be very well made but expensive.


The machine fulfills three tasks. It purifiys the air (down to 0.1 micron and the dangerous stuff is between 0.1 and 0.5 microns), warms the air to a temperature you set (at which point it functions like a thermostat and switches off until needed again) or cools the air in summer.


It also contains some measure of air cleanliness measures as it flags whether it regards the air as 'clean' or not.


Finally it has wi-fi and can be controlled via an android/apple app so you can set the temperature and turn it on when you are not even in the room.


Anyway my model arrived today so I switched on my air monitor to check it actually worked, set it up and left it on for an hour. When I returned to the shed I was pleased that A - the shed was toasty and B - the air was of good quality. Large particles were down to 34 (per square foot) which is good (if I run my other air filters they can generally get it down to 20 ish or less but as the large particles are not the dangerous ones I am not worried). Small particles were down to 300. The 'clean' air range is having 500 particles or less (and my house as a control location tends to have 300 as well).

From there I lowered the temperature as it was a little too warm and then started table sawing some wood. My table saw is attached to a good dust hoover but you will still get 'escape' and throughout an evenings work the small dust levels never got above 400 and once cutting stopped dropped back down to 300 within 5 minutes or so.


Therefore I am quite pleased with the its operation. I have several air filters/ suction systems as I am nervous about wood dust and this seemed to do an excellent job.


If it was not based in my shed I would consider leaving it on all night to keep the temperature level and once I get a meter in might do that in winter to see how much electricity it actually piles through - the air heating will help control rust etc.


K so that is the good now the bad. It is not cheap - the mid-large models are four hundred and ninety nine pounds and worse the filters cost fifty pounds each plus are not re-useable.


That last point is important as if you get through a lot of those and it can be very expensive. The user guide states that running it for 12 hours a day over a year should get through a single filter but in a working environment with wood dust I am expecting that to be shorter. If it is 6 months then I will be quite happy, anything less than that and I will be less so.


Finally  I plan on using this as a background filter. Keeping different suction on power tools and use other air purifiers along with a dust mask when doing a lot of sawdust generating work. Once they have got the environment under control then this can be used as a means of controlling dust that has perhaps settled and is thrown up without being seen plus if you do not possess an air quality monitor then this does cover that job a little less transparently. 


You can of course put it in other rooms in the house if needed for cooling/ heating/purifying  as well..


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