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Questions regarding the Studding Sail Boom

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I have been working on my Pride of Baltimore II from Model Shipways for over a year and have run into a question that I have not been able to find an answer. The plans show a Studding Sail Boom on the starboard side of the Fore Lower Yard, and not the Port side. The picture on the front of the instruction manual looks like there is one on both sides. I have tried to search the WEB for pictures of the ship but none show this clearly, Does anyone one know if only one Boom is used or do I modify the plans and install one on both sides?

Yard details.JPG

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Hi ronkamin;


Every illustration I have ever seen of ships with studding sails (normally abbreviated to stun's'ls or similar) shows them rigged out on both sides.


However,  one slight point to watch if anyone is showing them set:  the sails overlap in sequence.  In other words,  port and starboard stun's'ls are not both set abaft,  nor afore the square sail they join.  If the port one is abaft the sail,  the starboard one will be afore it,  and vice versa.  The one the most to windward was set behind.  This was done to ensure that the wind did not pass through the overlap of the sails,  but had to pass behind all three.


When the ship changed tack,  the stun's'ls were shifted to the other side of the square sail.  Must have been a lot of work to shift them all on a large vessel.


All the best,


Mark P

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