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  1. There is no time like the present to jump in to wood its just as easy, don't let anyone scare you from wood models.
  2. Hey howya goin Shoosh mate, welcome. If you look up the top of the page to the right you will see "Articles Database" click on that and you will see "Framing and Planking" click on that have alook through there it will tell you how to bend wood and how to plank a hull for starts and also watch these two vids, click on "Chuck's planking videos..." title to goto the page. If you have any question please ask away.
  3. Hey howya goin Walt mate, "Content Count" is how many times you have posted, in the Shore Leave section it dosen't count the posts I don't know if there are any other section that don't count post, from what it say you have posted 40 times.
  4. Hey howya goin Ed mate, welcome.
  5. Hey howya goin Alain mate, welcome.
  6. Do you want just the photo by itself? If so just Download it to your computer then print it then delete the pic.
  7. Damnit forgot to say I'm using Google Chrome for a browser. What browser are you using to look at the site with?
  8. Here in black circle, click on pic to make it bigger.
  9. Sorry ment to say "save image as" I also use windows 10.
  10. Hey howya goin RMC mate, what you do is right click on the pic and click "save as" it will download it to your computer remember where you saved it, from there you can print it out.
  11. Hey howya goin Mark mate, good health to you mate, now get back to making the ship .
  12. Hey howya goin Jeff mate, welcome.
  13. Hey howya goin jablackwell mate, the plane is coming along nicely mate.
  14. Hey howya goin Shaunzy mate, welcome. You didn't win that model at a poker game did you . If you look up the top of the page on the right you will see "Articles Database" click on that I suggest for you to go through the "Framing and Planking" section first it will help you out alot and watch these two vids buy a very OLD man, click on "Chuck's planking videos..." title to goto the page. One more thing learn how to bend wood it will help for when you plank your ship, it is also in the "Framing and Planking" section.
  15. Hey howya goin mike mate, well done mate, whats your next adventure going to be, did you save up for that plane? I pulled my plane kit off the shelf the other day and started cleaning up the laser cut burnt makes from it.
  16. Ripping parts off and starting agian, ah hell no, you should throw it in the bin and by a new one everytime .
  17. Hey howya goin Fernando Esteban mate, welcome.
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