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William L. Crothers


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Hi all-- I'm not sure if this is the right spot to ask this. I'm looking for info about William Crothers who wrote my favorite ship book the American Built Clipper Ship. His latest similar book published in 2013 is about packet ships. He is listed online as being born in 1912 with no death date. Am I to assume that he is now 105 years old?



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Sounds like your math is right, your assumption that the 2013 publishing date was the copyright date or the date he completed the book probably is a poor assumption. Believe a little research might reveal when the book was copyrighted and a little more the date of death, I don' have enough interest in researching it for you, more intrested in peeling some spuds for hash browns.


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Bil Crothers passed away in the spring of 2015.  His last book was The Masting of American Merchant Sail in the 1850's, published in 2014.  American Built Packets and Freighters was published in 2013.



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Hi gentlemen;


A bit off topic, so I'll keep it brief:  I wonder if the name Crothers is derived from the English name Carruthers, which sounds very similar (I have a bit of an interest in English names for people and places)


All the best,


Mark P

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