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Something is wrong with these measurements (SOTS kits)

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Hello all.

I was researching kits of the Sovereign of the Seas. There are only two kits available to my knowledge: Mantua Sergal and DeAgostini.

Mantua kit is in 1/78 scale, and it is listed with a length of 43.3 inches at the Ages of Sail site. This results in a length of 1099.82 mm, if you want me to be precise.

The DeAgostini is in 1/84 scale and it is listed with a length of 1100 mm at the DeAgostini site. Both mm lengths are the same despite the difference in scales.

Anyone with knowledge of both kits care to shed some light here?


Thank you very much.

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Sounds like one of them is fudging.  Perhaps the scale of the

available fittings dictated the published scale.

As I have said before, there is a potential error with 17C. vessel plans -

the published hull length was based on "touch" of the keel. The arc of the

stem and aft slope of the sternpost added additional length if the LBP at the gun deck

is the length desired.  Some kit draftsmen have confused the two and produced a

foreshortened hull. 

In your example, I do not think that the difference in length is large enough for this confusion

to be the cause.

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Add to that fact, even Amati's plans for the Sovereign of the Seas builds to a model that's 1100mm long. What's with this magical number?




I don't know what scale those plans are though. 



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The difference in measurement you would expect for the two scales is approx 80 mm. 


Several years ago I measured a Mantua Sergal Cutty Sark kit for a friend, as it just wasn't making sense to him. We determined that the drawings supplied and the kit were in fact closer to 1/72 or 1/74 scale (from memory), not 1/78 as published. 


So, beware published and rounded out figures on boxes, both for scale and size. They do not seem to be up to the exacting standards expected by discerning people such as ourselves!


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