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What to build for 2nd boat


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I started building and chose the Artesenia Virgina 1819 as my first model.  I think i did a good job being first time. The Rigging and Deck are decent. The hull could have been better. Being a double plank with applewood and then Mahogany.  I have attached the final product.  I am now looking for suggestions as to what I should build next, so increase my skill level and experience. A friend suggested the Lady Nelson.


It looks okay but looking for something that doesn't look so spidery.



Virginia 1819

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I've recently been through the same thought process after finishing my Endeavour Longboat.


I was looking at the Caldercraft Shelbourne due to its single mast, but in the end I went with a model that I actually wanted to build, the Caldercraft HM Brig Supply.


For the smaller models, cornwallmodelboats.co.uk actually works out cheaper than the local supplier, even taking shipping into account, I ordered my Supply from them.

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