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HMAV Bounty by architectnavalis - Airfix - 1:87 - PLASTIC

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as I promised I will start my first building log after the Easter holidays, so here we are. It will be my first Sailing ship kit after almost 10 years. My first kit was the Airfix HMS Victory at the age of 14 and it went right to the scrap yard. I already bought this kit another time for a second try, but til then it will be the HMAV Bounty.

Excuse my photos, because they are taken with my mobile phone. Hopefully my new camera will arrive til the end of April. Anyway you can see my progress until now. First step was getting rid of the multiple layers of dust. After that I decided, that the deck will be repainted with oil colour on an ochre base, because I think it is much too dark. This does not apply to the colour of the hull. There it looks quite nice in my opinion and just needs some adjustment.


Here I have my first question: What colour would you paint the gratings. I think it would look good if they are a bit darker then the deck itself?


Next step will be the rudder and its hinges. Unfortunately I do not know the English word for the pieces where the shrouds are attached, but these also will get their edges rounded.


I hope you have some advice what I could do better.






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