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  1. Hey together, it is a long time ago, that I posted some progress on this build logs, but today I made it and finished the wooden deck for HM Cutter Sherbourne. I wanted to plank the deck in some kind of pattern, as I thought it would not look right, if the planks go from stem to stern without seams. At several places I think I lost the pattern and the distances between the planks isn't completely correct. The outer plank of the deck was also my first try to fit that one in, but It seems to be to wide. Will definitely change that on my next model. But I am happy, that I ha
  2. Okay, I think I didn't get the planking pattern right, but at least it starts to look like a ship's wooden deck and it has some kind of pattern. For the first time I am doing this, I am happy. About the margin plank I feel a bit "anxious" to start, but I think I will take a first try next week. Until then, this is my current building progress:
  3. Good to hear. Thank you Then I just have to manage to get the planking pattern right. I already started with the center strakes. Pictures will follow next weekend.
  4. Hello together, I made some progress the last three weeks, planking the inner bulwark and painting it red. Next step will be the outer shell planking and the deck. Regarding the deck I am thinking about the treenails, if I should try it. On the one hand it really looks great, on the other hand I should keep it simple for the first wooden model. I also saw several models, which had nibbed planks, but also found this thread: 1760s Royal Navy deck planking and waterway nibbing patterns . I will try the pencil method regarding the caulking of the plank as I like the subtle loo
  5. Thanks for your reply, Tony. Yeah, I might have overdone it with the PVA glue. I think I will sand the parts, that received to much of it. In my first attempt I wanted the planks to be fixed quickly, as I was eager to see results. Maybe I should try myself in patience and classic wood glue Yeah, I already have seen a lot of the build logs, but then I have to remind myself, that it is the first wooden kit and I should not reach for the stars, seeing all those little master works.
  6. As the master studies finally reach an end (have to bring in the thesis next week) and I will have more time for the numerous hobbies, I have taken up the work on the cutter Sherbourne again, which I bought 3 years ago as a reward for the finished bachelor studies. Now, after three years of ripening I started the kit. It is my first wooden model, and I thought Sherbourne might be a good start, as it is not too expensive. As I forgot to take some pictures of the earliest building steps, I will just show you the current progress. During the first planking of the hull, I built some of
  7. Great woodworking tools. I got some literature today, but more of the "social history" kind. Next time it will be some modelling related stuff
  8. Although I love sailing ships the most, the grey fleet has got a great bunch of ship designs and this one is one as well. Great finish!
  9. You could give a dark grey basecolour to the cannons, and wash them with black, it is more of a shading than a highlighting, but maybe it works.
  10. Duuude! This is really awesome! When this is finished you could easily place a roleplaying game on this ship and I would definitely buy it.
  11. Ahoy, as I promised I will start my first building log after the Easter holidays, so here we are. It will be my first Sailing ship kit after almost 10 years. My first kit was the Airfix HMS Victory at the age of 14 and it went right to the scrap yard. I already bought this kit another time for a second try, but til then it will be the HMAV Bounty. Excuse my photos, because they are taken with my mobile phone. Hopefully my new camera will arrive til the end of April. Anyway you can see my progress until now. First step was getting rid of the multiple layers of dust. After that I decided,
  12. Hey, thank you all for your warm welcome. I will follow your advices and I think after the Easter-weekend there will be a first glimpse on the Bounty. My real name is Manuel.
  13. I was registered at this forum a long time ago, but back then I was way younger and had a lot of other nonsense and sense in mind. Now I finished my studies in Naval Architecture and think I found some time to start modelling ships again. I look forward to a fine time modelling and hope for some tips from you. My first project will be the HMS Bounty by Airfix that I already started. After that there's a lot of other stuff in my stash.
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