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King of the Mississippi by Eddie - Artesania Latina - Scale 1:80 - POB

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Hey howya goin all, this is my second build log of a ship.   :bird-vi:

Length: 660mm = (25-30/32")

Height: 192mm = (11-15/32")

Beam: 130mm = (5-3/32")

Scale: 1:80 (3/20" = 1Ft)


Heres a look at whats inside. I got a little impatient and started to build her before I took pics.
















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Hey howya goin all, started on the hull. I was a little drunk here and I numbered the pieces the wrong numbers so it took me a little to work out why the pieces wasn't fitting but I got it in the end.  :bird-vi:




590eeca97a01f_Mississippi015.thumb.JPG.83c03d4dfb854d0397a176d4326b4042.JPGNow that the hull is made I was going to start to line her but as I counted the pieces there wasn't enough to do the hull in the instruction manual it says part No 24, Hull lining Strakes, quant 30, 0'6x6x600, African Walnut, the pieces are in fact 0.6x5x600 and they short changed me to on a couple of strips, I could have just bought a few pieces from here but the Walnut we have is not African Walnut, so I had to contact the shop where I got it from and have them order some from the manufacturer which can take a couple of months to get replacements for.


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Hey Eddie, she is looking good. That sucks about the wood shortage but you have lots to keep yourself busy with. 

 Mixing alcohol with ship modelling is something I keep trying but always come up with poor results. If I was to have kept a bin for mistakes and one for drunken mistakes......well I need not say which one would be full:P. I am not one to give up easy so I will keep experimenting:cheers: and will keep you updated if I have any breakthroughs.  

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Great start Eddie!


I've learned to always budget in extra wood for any build. Either the kit is short pieces, the supplied wood is of bad quality or I just screw up too many times and need more! :P


As for drinking and building, I too am still working on that mystical combination of drink and quality workmanship. While I have learned a lot of reasons why this shouldn't be done, I am of the mode of thinking that practice makes perfect and if I keep trying I will eventually find a good combination. :cheers:

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36 minutes ago, EJ_L said:

As for drinking and building, I too am still working on that mystical combination of drink and quality workmanship

Hey howya goin E.J. mate, hahaha.


36 minutes ago, EJ_L said:

I've learned to always budget in extra wood for any build

Well there is one thing I forgot to mention in the first post, this is not the first time I've started this build, the first time I got to plank the hull but for some reason it started to warp and I couldn't get it to straighten up no matter what I did, so after it been siting on my shelf for so many years the hull ended up in the bin, I always wanted to build her agian so I kept the old box and stuff so now I have two of everything from the first deck upwards hahaha. 


The top one is the new kit.   :bird-vi:







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Eddie , and all others that might read this.        I being new at this ...I'm presently building the  The King   have finished planking the hull  I'm impressed with the precision of the assembly  kind of relaxing after building the AL's   Swift Pilot Boat 1805   manufactured in 1982  .....  anyway I've assembled the hull and deck  and forgot to cut out slots for mounted boiler room and engine room....in my eager haste.  If you or anyone has the lower deck layout to trace .....and send in pdf   so I can print to right scale and use to locate slots.   Any help is appreciated .    Thank you.


Poppa Ace             " Only the Lead Dog Sees a Different View "    circa  2001  Poppa Ace 

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S. Coleman,  said: " 

Hey there. Nice start. I have also built this model awhile ago and had a ball with it. I hope you enjoy it too. I'm seriously contemplating building it again.

All the best and P.S Watch out for the location tabs on the boiler and engine room not lining up.:D

Appreciate your comments and thanks for the  heads - up on boiler and engine room lineup ...... I probably wouldn't have notice until  oops to late ....where's my debonder.:(
I have the Older Model of AL's  " The King "  I got in the auction ...... all intact still in package......    I don't know if it's ok to send pics ......once I figure out ....how.   i
Hey Eddie thanks again ......just what the Dr. ordered.   One more thing I've been looking at the white railings ....I'm thinking about going with blackening the photoetch to resemble Wrought Iron.  I think the white is gaudy.  I'd like opinions ......from Ya'll ......That's Texan  eubonics. LOL
Donald W. Harris         " Only The Lead Dog Sees a Different View "    circa 2001  Poppa Ace
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Tanks for the heads again .....  I appreciate this site far beyond what words can describe.  I've not started a build log :  being just a tadpole ....have just been keeping focused and taking pictures to share later with commentary.  One thing I will say for all the modelers on this site .....without you build logs .....I probably would have crashed and burned out.  But now I'm   hooked .....actually I've swallowed the hook.  Many thanks to you and all.


Donald W. Harris   

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