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  1. I am back! Some months passed, things in Brazil got strange, I've married, moved yet again but could get back to my sails! I'll show you some of my progress: This is the main mast's Sail. I've got all three already sewd and soon will rigg them in place. It's great to see them taking shape!
  2. Raymond, I'm pleased to come back and see I'm not forgotten! My many thanks for the videos and, well, here I'm again! Got my hands back on them ships and am working gladly on their sails, recovering broken parts and having fun! How are you? Hope all is rlly fine!
  3. Great news to know you're back, Remco! As The others, I'm sure any project u'r in Will be great!
  4. First ship I built was a plastic one, about 22 years ago. In 2 moovings It was destroyed. One of my wooden ships was thrown off the bench by one of my dogs. Got some broken pieces, but it's ok in overall. My coins on wooden ships.
  5. Happy to anounce that I'm back to the dockyard and sewing the sails for my chinese junk. Would like to thank the cloth I received, gifted by Dee Dee. The fabric sent is Far better than the one that came in the kit. I'm late in saying bout the fábrica, as It came last year.
  6. Nice, Michael. I was trying to do something like that on my Cocca Veneta, your solution seems a great one - I mean, in showing them frames.
  7. Mark, thank you! Things do really seem tô be clearing up! Ulises, I'm happy to be back! Obrigada, meu amigo. Besos!
  8. Hey, Dave! Turns out I'm Well, healthy and happy! It was hard, I still feel some pain in my scars, but that's almost nothing in comparison to what It was. Great news is I'm back to the ships - and to MSW. Thank u for your words!
  9. Walter. After a long period I'm getting back. I recovered fully by the end of 2015, but life wasn't that stable for me to keep up ship building. Seems I'm back on track and soon Will post updates to my logs. Thank u for your care. 😊
  10. Joining the fellows in the applause. Great detailing as always, Doris. A masterful skill to astound us all.

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