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  1. Thank you, Mark, from both of us! Ty very much! She has already helped with some sewing, 😀. Can't say If she'll bem as passionate as me but, who knows? My many thanks! That's How I feel everytime I come back - in family. Thanks, Sam. Bring me a smile thinking my wife building at my side. For the time being, she's very careful with them. Thank you for all the likes, ppl! I'll be posting an update this weekend!
  2. Have to say it's a great kit. Even though I won't use some fittings and all, still gave me much fun. It's a great kit to bash, too, as the junks have so many variants in build and shape through time. And thanks! 😊
  3. We can open any of your pictures and Just stay there for a Lot of time, mesmerized by your workmanship. I only dream to be as good some day. You're an artist for sure.
  4. Well, as people asked, here are some pictures from my marriage. In the first one me and my wife with my dad, and the second one at the celebration: cake time! And some pictures on my progression. I searched for better sail pictures before sewing mine and found the gains on sewing them in stripes weren't that big. Don't know If I could do better, but think they are fine. I have some papers on junk sails rigging and will try to use them when the time comes - hope next weekend.
  5. I'll bring some pictures; It was a small celebration, a very happy one, through. 😉😉 The ring to rule them all, have to add! 😀😀😀 Muito obrigada! Piet, my many thanks. I'm finally back and savoring this step. Got the last sail now, rigging is on my way.
  6. Thanks, Louie! I sleep looking to my ships. I'll get back to her as soon as I find the wood l need to close all cabins and such. This modifying thing of mine requires some extra wood 😬
  7. Thanks Popeye! Good to see you here! I'll be rigging them sails in no time! (Well, soon, I Hope).
  8. Hola, Ulises! Thank you for the welcome! I may be a little slow in my builds, but won't give up on them! I'm really happy to be back. Ty, sir. I'm a lucky girl for being so well received by a most respected crew as It happens in these shores! Well, World os getting crazy all over again. Hope we can live It through. Thank you, and I'm happy for my marriage and for having you, digital chaps, as friends. It's always great to come back. My many thanks! Won't bem promising much, but will try to stay a little lingerie this time. Hey, Scott! Thank u. I'm already full of myself after the first one. The other two are waiting for their time just this weekend. Hope to be rigging them on place very soon! Be welcome mate! Thank you 😊
  9. I am back! Some months passed, things in Brazil got strange, I've married, moved yet again but could get back to my sails! I'll show you some of my progress: This is the main mast's Sail. I've got all three already sewd and soon will rigg them in place. It's great to see them taking shape!

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