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  1. The stern has the cabin. The bow is open so the anchor can be more easily handled. The rudder can be lowered or brought up depending on water depht. The rudder design tells a lot, since there are regional designs. Sails too!
  2. And here are some pictures. First one to see how It would be like. Test the blocks and such, since I intended to let the sails a bit functional. I researched through some papers I found and the rigging seems to be too close to the kit's instructions, so I decided to go along with them. Second one with the sail on it's place. Ropes are still loose till I find a way to set them as I want - won't use the instructions for that. Third one details the ropes that pin the sail to the mast. That part was a little bit challenging as the thread was
  3. We Will, Popeye! Life is short, after all. 😉😉 Thought I would post the rigging till last weekend, but couldn't. Got to DM my 23 years AD&D tablet and time flew.
  4. My many thanks, Dee Dee! You helped me a lot and I will always be thankful for your gift. I've already rigged the main mast's sail. 😄
  5. Thank you, Mark, from both of us! Ty very much! She has already helped with some sewing, 😀. Can't say If she'll bem as passionate as me but, who knows? My many thanks! That's How I feel everytime I come back - in family. Thanks, Sam. Bring me a smile thinking my wife building at my side. For the time being, she's very careful with them. Thank you for all the likes, ppl! I'll be posting an update this weekend!
  6. Have to say it's a great kit. Even though I won't use some fittings and all, still gave me much fun. It's a great kit to bash, too, as the junks have so many variants in build and shape through time. And thanks! 😊
  7. We can open any of your pictures and Just stay there for a Lot of time, mesmerized by your workmanship. I only dream to be as good some day. You're an artist for sure.
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