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Question about Planksheers/Sheer Strake.

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Hey howya goin all, got a question about Planksheers/Sheer Strake on my Galley Washington the Planksheers/Sheer Strake is about 300mm (12") long look at pic, where would I put the joint I don't want to cut it out of one piece, also what type of joint would be used?  You can make a copy of this pic and draw on it roughly then reposts it if that will make it easyer for you. It doesn't have to be exact noone's going to see it but my mum and I.... Oh and some of you who look at the build log hahaha.  :bird-vi:


Edited in, the model scale is 1:48





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I did some digging but did not find anything concrete in any books or tables regarding how many pieces, lengths, or location and types of the joints.   Logic says the longest pieces would be similar to that of the planking, perhaps 20 to 30 feet.   In order to keep the grain as straight as possible, the forward most pieces would likely be shorter to accommodate the hard curve without too much cross grain.   A hooked or perhaps a plain scarph seems appropriate for the joints.  This is all conjecture on my part.



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