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Artesania Latina Bluenose Old vs New Kit?


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I am coming to a close on my first build and am starting to think about my next kit. I have a chance to pick up the above mentioned kit for $75.00. I figure for the money I cannot go wrong. I understand that it might not be the most accurate representation out there and that there are those that simply don't like this kit. 


My question it this. I have noticed two different boxes for this kit and I am wondering are the kits themselves different? Is one older than the other, different materials, better or worse?


The kit I an looking at comes in this box.




The other box looks like this.




Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

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I purchased the older version less than a year ago -  I believe it is kit #20500.  As far as I'm concerned there is nothing wrong with it!  There are differences - I downloaded the newer instructions in case they would help but ended up relying on the original instructions and on a practicum by John Earl - see my build log if you want a link to John's practicum.  John made a number of alterations to more closely model the real Bluenose II.


Whichever one you choose I expect you will enjoy it!  I'll follow along on your build log when you start.



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Thanks Doug,


I read your complete build log the other night along with all the others I could find and have already printed Mr. Earls practicum and read it through. Thanks for you input.


Best Regards



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