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  1. I was just gifted with a set of blueprints for the Zulu Muirneag. Plans were drawn by Harold Underhill in the 1950's. His book "Plan-on-Frame Models" has reduced version of three of the plans. I can't use the blueprint set so they're listed in Traders... One source of detail.
  2. An unblemished, and perhaps unopened copy of this classic. I have it already so I'm offering this one to whomever wants it. I'll just ask for the postage cost.
  3. These are Harold Underhill's 6 sheet blueprints of the Muirneag. Volume 1 of his Plank-on-Frame Models has versions of 3 of the 6 sheets. This is the full set. They are apparently available online in digital format for about $70. Asking $30 plus shipping cost.
  4. A friend gave me her husband's copies of Plank-on-Frame Model volumes 1 & 2. Since they are already on my shelf I'd be happy to sell them. Both in very fine condition. They seem to be boy $40 on abe books. I'll sell for $20 plus postage.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I had cut the frame guides from some 3/64" sheet but couldn't get them to stay in place even with rubber band pressure. Clearly then 'll have to unglue the ST-CD upright and adjust the slots until things more closely match the framing guide.
  6. Now I have run into some difficulty and would benefit from advice! I'll preface my problem with a reminder that I had decided to try to scratch build. To me that meant milling my own wood and using Chuck's plans to cut out all the pieces rather that using the lasercut components. I did purchase the chapter 1 laser cut material as a reference. So far I have used it only to compare my scratch bits with the precision ones. (aside : as I look at quarter gallery description in Chuck's build log and the more advanced builds in this group I'm questioning my hubris at attempting this -
  7. I have scans of instructions for my version of Bluenose II ans well as the later version from Artesania Latina. That I can send.
  8. One of my 1st build was the Bluenose II. I hope your enjoying it
  9. I'm used to seeing the planks narrow at the bow. I wonder if that will improve the lay of the planks for you?
  10. The kit instructions simply suggest attaching a small eye pin with the twisted wire holding the deadeye. The stem of the eye pin is inserted into a drilled hole in the rail and affixed with glue. Once again I had to use CA to bond the wire to the wood. (The chainplates mounted on the hull are not connected to the deadeye - just simulating the practice on the actual ship) I’ve “tested” each one with a good tug to see if they may hold when under tension from shrouds and don’t expect too many challenges there! A long time from now at the current rate!!!
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