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Occre Golden Hind 1/85 quality and difficulty


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Hi to all,

I'm new to this forum, but already have a question. I assembled in the past some plastic ship models (mainly Corel and Airfix). In the last months I started with some wooden models (2 mini-mamoli and one old viking ship - lost box, so don't know the brand). And I found I definetely prefer the wooden ones (I found mini-mamoli pretty easy).

So now I would like to do something more than the mini-mamoli. I saw the Golden Hind from Occre and was thinking to buy it. But not sure about the difficulty of it. What do you think? Is it too early to do this kit? does it have a good quality? The main reasons to choose it are because I like it and because the price is pretty low (I don't want to spend too much for my 4th model, coz I know I still have a lot to learn... but I have to start from somewhere). Or do you have some other kit/brand to suggest?


Thank you all for your suggestions :)

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Hi dydale, it looks as if the Golden Hind is more on the beginner side, so it might be a good model for you to build, alot depends on how good the instructions are, i am a beginner too and have not built an Occre kit, so maybe someone that has can comment on the instructions etc., One thing you said is "I like it" and I think that is important, I started with a kit labeled as beginner from the company and I just was not that interested in the model itself and did not do a great job on it, and it turns out it really was not that easy of a kit, but my current build of The Syren is labeled as advanced, but it has great instructions and I really love the ship and want it to come out great, so I am enjoying the build much more, and so far I am doing a much better job on it. Plus there are lots of other people that have or are building The Syren and everyone here is very helpful.

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sometimes,  the skill level of a kit can be deceiving.    the wood model medium is a two headed coin....the kit may be more complex,  but it also relies that the modeler has the knowledge of basic hull/ship construction and is willing to do the research,  filling in the extra detail that the kit doesn't include.   how interested you are in the subject is a great motivator as well.   I too used to be a plastic modeler......I'd see the wood kits and I never thought I could pull one off.   I was given an old partially started Billing's expert kit from a friend of mine,  and I've got to say...it was the most fun I ever had with a kit.

   from what I've seen with a lot of builds,  the instructions can be a crap shoot.   Billings has vague instructions.....I'm also working on a Sergal kit,  and theirs isn't much better.   I guess you could say that i've become a Billing's fan,  having built a number of their kits.....most of them being advanced beginner.   they offer just as much of a challenge,  as a higher level kit,  and adding extra detail to them makes them look all the better :) 

I yam wot I yam!

finished builds:
Billings Nordkap 476 / Billings Cux 87 / Billings Mary Ann / Billings AmericA - reissue
Billings Regina - bashed into the Susan A / Andrea Gail 1:20 - semi scratch w/ Billing instructions
M&M Fun Ship - semi scratch build / Gundalow - scratch build / Jeanne D'Arc - Heller
Phylly C & Denny-Zen - the Lobsie twins - bashed & semi scratch dual build

Billing T78 Norden


in dry dock:
Billing's Gothenborg 1:100 / Billing's Boulogne Etaples 1:20
Billing's Half Moon 1:40 - some scratch required
Revell U.S.S. United States 1:96 - plastic/ wood modified / Academy Titanic 1:400
Trawler Syborn - semi scratch / Holiday Harbor dual build - semi scratch

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