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When to attach sails to a model


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I've started to rig my model of Scottish Maid and am thinking of putting sails on her. What is the best stage for doing this? Do I do all the standing rigging first? Should I attach the sails to the yards before rigging the yards? It seems to me that if I put too much rigging on the vessel then I will find lines getting in the way when I try to rig the sails.

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I do all my standing rigging then a yard at a time starting with the lowers. I go fore, main, mizzenmast. Then the next yard up. Gets kinda tight as you go up but it allows you nice runs. Have lots of tweezers and rigging tools on hand plus a bucketful of patience. Have fun.


Jim Rogers


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My current model (Pride of Baltimore 2) is being rigged right now, with sails furled. At every possible opportunity, I have attached the sails to their yards/gaffs/mast before putting the spars in place on the hull. I imagine you are planning on rigging your model with sails fully deployed. I would still plan on attaching the sails as much as possible to their spars before attaching the spars to the model.





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It’s certainly easiest to lace the sails onto the gaffs booms and yards before attaching those elements to the masts. On my Consyitution I put all the shrouds on FIRST but not all the stays. I put the stays on as I added the yards from the deck up. If I’d put ALL the stays on first I couldn’t have as easily reached between the masts when I was fixing the yards in place. And I’m only doing the bow rigging now, last because Im sure I’d have snapped off the jibboom if I’d had it on since the start.




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