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Hi, I just finished the 1/96 Cutty Sark and have received the 1/96 Revell Constitution for Christmas this year. The Cutty was a blast to build , it took seven months to build. After seeing some of the other builds online I wish I would have gone slower and put a little more detail in. I plan to look at a lot of pictures of the Constitution before I start my build.

I have been into woodworking for over 20 yrs and would love to try a wooden ship. I am smart enough to realize that a wooden ship will require special skills that I may not yet possess. I want my first wooden build to be a learning experience so I don’t mind a beginner ship kit.

 There certainly is a lot of great information on this site .  Any recommendations that members can give me as far as what my first wooden ship should be or tips  on my constitution Build would be greatly appreciated .

thank you.

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You already have more demonstrated skills than I had when I started. I chose MSW Syren because of the great manual that came with the kit. She was built specifically to accompany the Constitution to the siege of Tripoli and played a pivotal role in the battle. You can download the chapters of the manual at: 

http://modelexpo-online.com/model-shipways-us-brig-syren-1-64-scale  Under the Instructions & Parts List tab

Even if you decide on another ship model this will allow you to study in general the methods used to build wooden ship models. Good luck

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