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  1. Hi Harley, It doesn't feel like a good beginning at times but whatever has gone wrong so far is recoverable I think...lol. The camera I'm using is Sony RX100-II. It's a 20 Megapixel full frame compact, so there is plenty of data to crop from. Just curious, how are you going with your Confederacy?? Peter
  2. Another update. I'm having "fun" working on Framing the stern. The stern frames were way too loose for the slots so I decided to fix the outside ones first and use them to work my way in. When the 2 outer frames were fitted I noticed that Bulkhead 8 wasn't properly squared up. The outer stern frames had a 4-5 mm difference from the centre which was quite noticeable. Bugger...!!. Cutting the additional outer supports I put in helped a bit. When adding the inner stern frames I found after adding the lintels that two of the frames were misaligned as well. Bugger again...!!. So I am fumbling my way through at the moment. Some additional sanding will be on the menu later. Here are some photo's.
  3. Thanks everyone. Just a small update to keep the momentum going. First I added some blocks to the working stand to secure the model. Next I added the Sub-gun deck Platforms. I am not totally happy with the look but I was experimenting a bit as these platforms are barely seen. As a side note I have split the 1/8"x1/16" basswood strips into three batches. The lighter ones, the darker ones and rejects. I used the best of the rejects for these platforms. I don't have the luxury I had with the Syren covering the hull with copper plates so when I get to planking the hull I want to make sure I use the best strips. I also added the safety timbers, the shadow box and timber frames. I added some temporary loose timber strips in the gaps of the frames. Next will be fairing the hull..... Here are a few photo's.
  4. It's time to start a new log. I have only spent a few weeks making a start on the Confederacy so there is not a lot to show yet. Others have presented some nice introductions to the history of this ship and of the content of the kit, so I don't feel there is a need to repeat that here. I'll do my best to do justice to this beautiful ship. So without further ado, it's straight to the first few photo's.
  5. Hi Patrick, They are clothing pegs I found at the local hardware store here (Bunnings). They have a decent 'reach' and they have rubber pads where they meet. Basswood is relatively soft and easy to dent so the padded ends worked out quite well. I'm not sure if you can get them in the USA. Peter
  6. Once I start a kit I am committing myself to finishing it before I start another one. I loose concentration and start making mistakes if I do too many things at once. You are also less likely to finish one, in my view. I am also not experienced enough yet to change the order in which the instructions are written. If the kits designer got to the finish line that way, I see no reason to mix it up. I also don't break up repetitive tasks. Once I figured out the best way to do something and make a start, I keep going. The risk in taking long breaks is that the section before the break will look slightly different than the section after....lol I do off course read ahead in the instructions and learn from the other logs on the forum.
  7. Hi Danny, Just letting you know my Syren build has now finished. Thanks, Peter..
  8. Just to counter the excesses of the previous posts, here is a more minimalistic approach (don't worry, I'm just jealous........). One shed, one work bench, one model, no stash.....lol (to be fair, I do have two boxes of models In the house).
  9. Thanks for all the compliments and kind words everyone. It's appreciated very much. What a great forum this is.... My next build will be Chuck's Confederacy. Hi Katoom. You touched on the only problem I'm having with this build. I have no clue what to do with it yet...lol We live in a small rental, so there is no place to display it there. There is one workbench in the shed where I build her so that eventually will need to be cleared for the Confederacy build (especially considering the size of the Confederacy). So the other options are sell or donate. I have family members who will take her but without a case for protection I don't think she'll survive for too long. It's been doing my head in for quite a while now. I would love to have it on display somewhere so others can enjoy her as well. Peter
  10. Well, I finished the model. Not sure how to add "finished" to the title yet though....lol. Thanks for everyone who followed along and/or pushed the "like" button. It's been a absolute pleasure building this beautiful ship. I put a few extra photo's in for the final post.
  11. Well, time for another update. I have been getting stuck into doing the rope coils. I tried a few different approaches and settled on one that are shown on the attached photo's. I hope they come out in the correct order. Only some of the pin rails on the starboard side are done so far. After all the pin rails are finished I will need to adjust the size of the 'loop' to make the rope coil hang at the correct height for the other belaying styles. It' pretty much a trail and error approach and pretty time consuming. One thing to note is that the exact amount of glue is required for the knots. Too much and rope next to the knot soaks the glue in and becomes too stiff for it to look acceptable. Too little and the knot comes apart when fiddling with the assembly. So plenty of rejects, especially in the beginning. Another thing is that I didn't use any glue when placing them on the pin rails. I'm curious if anyone knows of a way to secure them. For example using a spray on glue with the airflow strength of a puffer...lol Anyway, enough dribble, here are some photo's...
  12. Thanks Dirk, No need to be jealous. You and Gahm were the inspirations for me to choose the Syren. And I'm not even close to the quality the two of you produce. (I won't disagree that my build is turning out pretty good though...lol). I'm glad to see that you have started working or you build again, I'm always looking forward to your progress. Thanks Frankie, I'm glad you are enjoying the photo's. Thanks again for all the likes as well. Here are just a few photo's showing the anchors and buoys fitted. The next items on the list will be adding some rope coils.
  13. Hi Dirk, I'm afraid I'm not brave enough to re-arrange the anchor rope at this stage. I wrapped it around too tightly and it's lost its natural look, so I'm not even happy the way it looks now. But I glued it to the deck, around the riding bits and into the hawse hole and with the restricted access I'm afraid I'll make a mess of it when I try to pull it off. It will be a lesson learned for next time. Hi Jesse, Yes they are. They needed a bit of filing to clean them up, but they didn't have the pits and imperfections you experienced. Maybe you can ask for a replacement pair from the supplier. Peter

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