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  1. Thanks Dirk, No need to be jealous. You and Gahm were the inspirations for me to choose the Syren. And I'm not even close to the quality the two of you produce. (I won't disagree that my build is turning out pretty good though...lol). I'm glad to see that you have started working or you build again, I'm always looking forward to your progress. Thanks Frankie, I'm glad you are enjoying the photo's. Thanks again for all the likes as well. Here are just a few photo's showing the anchors and buoys fitted. The next items on the list will be adding some rope coils.
  2. Hi Dirk, I'm afraid I'm not brave enough to re-arrange the anchor rope at this stage. I wrapped it around too tightly and it's lost its natural look, so I'm not even happy the way it looks now. But I glued it to the deck, around the riding bits and into the hawse hole and with the restricted access I'm afraid I'll make a mess of it when I try to pull it off. It will be a lesson learned for next time. Hi Jesse, Yes they are. They needed a bit of filing to clean them up, but they didn't have the pits and imperfections you experienced. Maybe you can ask for a replacement pair from the supplier. Peter
  3. Well here is another Log entry. That's two entries in two days. We were supposed to go out this long weekend for our wedding anniversary but I ended up getting the flu instead. With clear instructions to stay out of everyone's way to make sure I didn't pass the flu on, what better place to go than in the shed working on the model. I'm very obedient following instructions like that....lol. I was (still am) not feeling too good, but I got quite a bit done. In this case I added some lines to the anchors, painted the buoys and added the buoy harnesses. Just 2 photo's this time.
  4. WOW, Thanks very much Harley, That is quite a complement. Cheers, Peter
  5. Thanks Chris, I am looking forward to seeing your log. Being a 'newby' and being able to finish the hull is a pretty good start in my book. The Syren is an enjoyable build but not an easy one....lol Thanks for all the 'likes' as well everyone. I have another update with a few photo's. I finished the Spritsail yard rigging and have made a start on the anchors and buoys. I just loosely placed the anchors for the photos' at this stage. I also added some close-ups of the various belaying points (which made me realise I still have about 100+ odd rope coils to do as well before I finish....sigh)... Peter.
  6. Thanks Thomas and thanks for all the likes. I'm slowly closing in towards the finish line. This time I have added the clew lines, sheets and tacks for the main and fore course yards. I have added a photo showing some pegs on the ends of the lines before I belay them. I have gotten into a habit of installing the lines with pegs on them and wait a day before belaying them. One reason is that the lines will settle a bit, but I also found a number of times that I made a mistake somewhere and It gave me an opportunity to move them around and fix them. At this stage I also fixed the Spritsail yard to the bowsprit. Here are some photo's again.
  7. I know Jessie. I have been looking forward to updates from your build as I am slowly progressing through mine and have been taking advantage of some of your tips in the process. it's quite a journey isn't it...lol. Thanks Peta_V.
  8. Thanks everyone. A bit more progress on the rigging. This ships seems to eat lines and blocks so I had to order some more from Chuck. The royal yards with their rigging are done as well. It's becoming quite a spiders web of lines and it's getting more difficult to show the complexity with clear photo's. At least it's covering up some of the mistakes I've made nicely...lol Some photo's...
  9. Thanks Everyone for the comments and the likes. Just a quick update on my progress with the running rigging. At this point I am up to the Topsail Buntlines, just following the order of proceedings in the instructions. It's starting to get pretty busy. My slow motion mode seems to get slower and slower, trying not to get snagged as my hands move and trying to cut one line at the time (preferably the one I am aiming for). I had my in-laws over on the weekend and they are in their late seventies. Seeing their hands whizzing around the model pointing things out to each other made me break out in a cold sweat. Luckily the model and I survived their visit...lol A few photo's...
  10. Hi, I hope an administrator can help me out here. After upgrading my mobile phone internet browser, I'm getting an "Access Denied - Sucuri Website Firewall" block on my phone when trying to log in my Modelshipworld website on my phone. I'm not sure if it's a setting on my phone or if MSW needs to allow me access? The "Access Denied" page has plenty of info on it but hasn't got any options for me to set anything different so I think itmay be an access setting on your end. Any advice?? Peter
  11. Time for another update. I mentioned earlier in my log that I wasn't happy with the hammock netting. I always thought that because the netting wasn't all the way down to the cap rail and had a bit of an inconsistent gap that adding hammocks probably wouldn't work. But I finally couldn't resist having a go at it to make sure. So I took a break from the rigging and spend a few weeks making the hammocks. I just used a sheet of calico and cut it into 17x35mm rectangles. I'm glad I did because I don't think it's come up too bad (looking from a safe distance....lol). A few photo's...
  12. Hi Joe, Thanks for the compliment. Just had a look at your log and in spite of some early scares it's coming along nicely. I'm Looking forward to your progress. Peter
  13. Thanks for the likes again everyone, I do appreciate them. I have added the remaining blocks and the brace pendants to the yards and fixed the lower and top sail yards to the masts permanently this time. I pinned the topgallant yards to the masts as well, although it was advised in the manual not to do that as it may weaken the mast too must. So don't copy that. I got a bit over confident...lol I probably said it before but I am glad I picked the Syren to challenge my skills. She is a truly beautiful ship and a joy to build. Hats off to Chuck again for putting it together. A few photo's to show my progress (in random order).

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