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  1. Hi, I hope an administrator can help me out here. After upgrading my mobile phone internet browser, I'm getting an "Access Denied - Sucuri Website Firewall" block on my phone when trying to log in my Modelshipworld website on my phone. I'm not sure if it's a setting on my phone or if MSW needs to allow me access? The "Access Denied" page has plenty of info on it but hasn't got any options for me to set anything different so I think itmay be an access setting on your end. Any advice?? Peter
  2. Time for another update. I mentioned earlier in my log that I wasn't happy with the hammock netting. I always thought that because the netting wasn't all the way down to the cap rail and had a bit of an inconsistent gap that adding hammocks probably wouldn't work. But I finally couldn't resist having a go at it to make sure. So I took a break from the rigging and spend a few weeks making the hammocks. I just used a sheet of calico and cut it into 17x35mm rectangles. I'm glad I did because I don't think it's come up too bad (looking from a safe distance....lol). A few photo's...
  3. Hi Joe, Thanks for the compliment. Just had a look at your log and in spite of some early scares it's coming along nicely. I'm Looking forward to your progress. Peter
  4. Thanks for the likes again everyone, I do appreciate them. I have added the remaining blocks and the brace pendants to the yards and fixed the lower and top sail yards to the masts permanently this time. I pinned the topgallant yards to the masts as well, although it was advised in the manual not to do that as it may weaken the mast too must. So don't copy that. I got a bit over confident...lol I probably said it before but I am glad I picked the Syren to challenge my skills. She is a truly beautiful ship and a joy to build. Hats off to Chuck again for putting it together. A few photo's to show my progress (in random order).
  5. I added the stuns'l booms to the yards and pinned the Topsail and Lower yards onto the masts. They are just dry fitted and the yards assemblies are not completed yet. I have decided to keep them natural and not paint them black. Some photo's......
  6. Thanks Chuck, Jim, Svein and Kevin. And thanks for all the likes as well. Just a few photo's on how I am travelling with the yard assemblies. They are not finished but are slowly getting there. At this point I am going for the natural look instead of painting them black. I didn't realise until after I finished the Boom & Gaff that Chuck changed his mind on his original ship and painted them black after assembling them on the ship unpainted (rigging and all). I'm not that brave (yet). I also don't mind the natural look as it highlights the details more. But... I still have a choice up until I pin them onto the masts... Here are a few photo's....(which got uploaded in reverse order....lol)
  7. Hi Rich, To help you with your shopping list I copied and pasted some correspondence between Chuck and Dubz a while back with regards to the rope sizes and quantities. I followed their advise with regards to the upsizing. I hope they don't mind me passing the info on. Here it is: "Dirk....just found time to detail what needs to be changed as far as rope as you requested. I figured I would post here so other folks building her will also know. Expo has a very limited amount of sizes to choose from when designing kits. They use Nylon beading thread and its pretty rough to work with. Its essentially like plastic. They dont have the larger sizes so the stays and shrouds should be changed for historical accuracy. Most of the larger ropes were too small for the standing rigging. I had to unfortunately use what was available from them when designing the kit at that time. whenever you see .021 listed in the instructions this should be changed to .025 whenever you see .028 it should be bumped to .035 Changes are as follows and only with standing rigging. The running rigging is fine. I went through the instructions and found what needs to be changed so you can upgrade your rope. Breech line for guns - .025 tan Standing Rigging Changes Lower Shrouds .035 Topmast shrouds .025 lower pendants .025 Lower stays .045 lower preventer stays - .035 Futtock shrouds .025 Topmast stays .035 Topmast preventer stays .025 Here is what you would need to buy to rig your model if you decide to get it from Syren Ship Model Company. Black or Brown standing rigging .045 - 1 pack .035 - 2 packs .025 - 3 packs .018 - 3 packs .012 - 1 pack .008 - 7 packs Tan running rigging .062 anchor 1 pack .025 - 2 packs ,008 - 12 packs .018 - 2 packs .012 - 4 packs There you go... Chuck"
  8. I have finished the staysail rigging. I am a bit behind on the rope coils, so before I make a start on the yards, I'll play around with making up a set of different type of rope coils to see how they fit and look. But that will be the subject of my next update. For now just a few photo's on how she is coming together. I'm genuinely still amazed I got this far and still loving the look of her every time I walk into the shed. Looking at the chapter where the yards are being rigged it ain't going to get any easier from here.....lol Here are some photo's...
  9. Thanks for all the likes again. Next is the gaff and boom addition. One of the instructions was to seize a length of line to the 1/8" double block under the main top. As I didn't allow for this when I put the block in place there wasn't anything to seize the line onto (maybe I am still missing something...) So I decided to cut the block off and re-install it with the additional line attached. I also realized (after a while scratching my head....) that I had forgotten the 2 blocks for the boom topping lifts. So they had to be fitted under the main top as well. Not the neatest job, but I do now fully appreciate the reason for adding all these blocks when the masts are build...lol. Hand drilling upwards under the top with the rigging in place was a bit of a challenge. Here are a few photo's... Cheers, Peter
  10. Thanks for all the likes again. Just an update with some photo's to mark the milestone of finishing the standing rigging. Onwards to Chapter 19 - the construction of the yards and the running rigging. Cheers, Peter
  11. Thanks Harley and Christos and also the 'likes'. It's going well but I'm having a few hickups I like to share. First, as I am upsizing the size of the standing rigging as recommended by Chuck, I am finding that not all the blocks that were added to the mast assemblies can accommodate the larges sizes. I have had to replace a few. Also the blocks at the top of the masts (3 on the main, 4 on the foremast) I glued in the wrong position. I didn't allow for the gang of fixed rigging loops to go first. The drawing shows them where I assembled them but they should have been approx. 8-10mm higher. Due to my inexperience I didn't pick this up until now. I had to remove them all and tried to clean the mast up the best I could. I will add these block when needed. And finally I had to drill out the holes in the top mast cross trees from 0.5mm to 0.8mm to fit the rigging. Definitely got some sweaty hands doing this but I got away with it. Moral of the story. Check the blocks and hole sizes, etc. with the rigging lines before fitting them onto the various assemblies. Here are a few photo's of my progress. Cheers, Peter
  12. Look what arrived in the mail today. I am looking forward in joining the Confederacy club once I finish the Syren (So much fun, so little time...lol). Peter
  13. Thanks Nirvana & Dutchman, (and the likes). I have 4 sons, oldest is 30, youngest 20 so something tells me it won't be my last grandchild...lol. The other three don't seem to be in a hurry though. I must say it is a pretty special feeling holding someone so small again. His uncles can't wait for him to be able to hold a cricket bat. (Australia is in need of a good batsman...lol). Anyway, I digress. Back to modelling. Just some progress photo's of the standing rigging. The photo's speak for themselves. I always had a feeling that I wouldn't enjoy doing the rigging as much as I did the hull. I was wrong.....

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