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  1. Thanks Chuck, not convinced on the "before you know it" part just yet..... Also thanks for all the 'likes'. Not much to talk about, I just felt it was time to show some photo's on the progress to date.
  2. Only if your wear a parachute though.......
  3. Happy New Year Everyone..... Peter
  4. Just another quick update on the progress so far. I have finished the planking of the lower counter and am working my way through the planking around the sweep port openings. The last 2 photo's show the (very basic) jigs I use to pre-bend the planks at the bow and to pre-bend and twist the planks at the stern. Here are some photo's..
  5. Time for another update. It's been a while but I lost my MoJo a little bit for a while. A job change (unexpected) and a few minor health scares (hopefully minor) can do that to you. Luckily after being let go from the company I worked for I managed to get another full time job virtually within 2 weeks. Not bad for an old fart....(or maybe just lucky...lol). So..., my MoJo rediscovered I picked up from where I left and managed to finish chapter 4. Just a few photo's to show where I am at....
  6. I took this in 2011 while living in Port Hedland in Western Australia.
  7. Thanks Harley, as long as the mistakes I make are fixable I should be OK.... Thanks Svein, I actually don't mind basswood. The Syren turned out OK, you just have to be extra careful because of the softness. The softness also makes it easier to shape which can be a bonus when you are mainly using hand tools. Thanks Dwight, I have seen the thread here and already found the site where the plans are sold. It has been in the back of my mind but at this point I am leaning towards keeping her as a hull only. I reserve the right to change my mind in the future though….lol
  8. At the current stage of my built, this is what it feels like...... https://giphy.com/gifs/diy-mouth-wood-3o7WIQtTOFCeLtrpcs
  9. Another update with a few photo's. When working on the Quarter deck port sill and lintels I noticed I goofed up with the placement on the laser parts H-H. I placed them on the wrong side of the laser edge on the bulkhead extension. This required some fixing. I think I got away with it. This is shown on photo 4 & 5. (the photo's were imported in random order). The other pics show a bit more progress after that (hopefully without any stuff-ups this time)....🙂 Peter
  10. Hi Kurt, To take advantage of getting the HMS Winchelsea plans for free and because I wanted to become a member of the NRG anyway for a while I joined as a member today. Because I am stupid...sigh..., I ended up putting an incorrect email address in the form so I won't get the confirmation email (I didn't check first and filled it in with a ".au" at the end). My correct email address has no .au What is the best way to fix that? Peter
  11. Hi Harley, It doesn't feel like a good beginning at times but whatever has gone wrong so far is recoverable I think...lol. The camera I'm using is Sony RX100-II. It's a 20 Megapixel full frame compact, so there is plenty of data to crop from. Just curious, how are you going with your Confederacy?? Peter
  12. Another update. I'm having "fun" working on Framing the stern. The stern frames were way too loose for the slots so I decided to fix the outside ones first and use them to work my way in. When the 2 outer frames were fitted I noticed that Bulkhead 8 wasn't properly squared up. The outer stern frames had a 4-5 mm difference from the centre which was quite noticeable. Bugger...!!. Cutting the additional outer supports I put in helped a bit. When adding the inner stern frames I found after adding the lintels that two of the frames were misaligned as well. Bugger again...!!. So I am fumbling my way through at the moment. Some additional sanding will be on the menu later. Here are some photo's.
  13. Thanks everyone. Just a small update to keep the momentum going. First I added some blocks to the working stand to secure the model. Next I added the Sub-gun deck Platforms. I am not totally happy with the look but I was experimenting a bit as these platforms are barely seen. As a side note I have split the 1/8"x1/16" basswood strips into three batches. The lighter ones, the darker ones and rejects. I used the best of the rejects for these platforms. I don't have the luxury I had with the Syren covering the hull with copper plates so when I get to planking the hull I want to make sure I use the best strips. I also added the safety timbers, the shadow box and timber frames. I added some temporary loose timber strips in the gaps of the frames. Next will be fairing the hull..... Here are a few photo's.

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