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  1. The holes for the tree nails have all been drilled. I decided to get the planking done first before filling the holes with wood filler (not looking forward to that one...lol). Just a few photo's to show the gap getting smaller, 11 more rows to go. Peter
  2. Just a few more photo's to keep the log ticking along. I'm working on 2 fronts now. One is drilling the holes for the tree nails and when the Dremel battery needs re-charging (or my hands need a rest...lol) I have started planking the second belt.
  3. Hi Voyageur. I'm drilling just a few mm so it can be filled with wood filler and sanded down after. Peter
  4. Thanks Bossman. Nah, I'm too stubbern to leave it. I'm not happy with the staining attempts on the sample yet, but last night I pencil marked one side of the hull in preparation for the drilling. There is no way back now....lol
  5. Time for another update. First a thank you for the likes. I have been procrastinating a bit on the treenails. How they end up looking is one issue, how to drill that many holes in the hull accurately is another. I didn't want to have the model on my lap and drill downwards and drilling horizonally holding a dremel or drill, I couldn't initially get a good feel for either. I end up finding a (brillianly executed...) way of taking the weight off the dremel so I can have better use of both my hands to line up the drill bit. It worked fine on my sample board. I plan to pencil mark the hull first so I have something to aim at before drilling the holes. I'm still working on how to get to the right "look". There is a big color variation on how the various basswood planks react to the stain I plan to use. While this was going on I managed to get the first belt of planking below the wales done as well. Here are some photo's.
  6. Hi Dan, I was shocked by your sad news. With so many here, you were one of the first to react to my entry into this forum and got me over the line in starting my first log a few years back. Your advice, knowledge and build logs will be sorely missed but not forgotten. Your legacy will stay. Peter
  7. Thanks Harley, John, Svein and Bossman for your positive feedback and also thanks for the likes everyone. I have included a few more photo's with some progress. The sweep ports have been filled in and a few more moldings added. I have treated the planks between the black sections with sanding sealer, sanded it back and put a second sealer on it. This still needs to be sanded back. I now have to decide on how to apply the tree nails. I have added a photo with a small panel and some very early attempts on colors and wood fillers. So far, I am not happy with both. The fillers seem very grainy and difficult to apply and the colors blotchy. I will need to spent some time getting the process and materials sorted. There is of course the option of leaving them out. We'll see... In the mean time, here are some photo's.
  8. Just another short update with some progress photo's. I start adding some black to the model, added the black strake and one of the moldings. The only disappointing bit was that the masking tape I used pulled some of the top fibers off the surface of planking below the top black section. I have started sanding that back but it will/may affect the way the staining will look when I get to it. I have also made a small panel with leftover strips which I will use to trial the stain colors and the tree nails before I go all gung ho on the model. I will probably use a small section to get the masking tape to pull some fibers off to see what it does. Here are some photo's.
  9. Just a few photo's describing the adjustment/ repair attempt at the bow section below the wales. 1st photo is of Chuck's Spiling guide jig to bend the planks edge wise. The second is an attempt to add the extra bend to get around the bow (without wetting the planks for a second time). The other 2 are of the "additions" to the bulkheads to close the gap. It's a true dogs breakfast but somehow I hope to get away with it. Fingers crossed....lol (Next time I'll probably add fillers to the bow section.....sigh...)
  10. Thanks Bossman and everyone for the likes as well. Just a few photo's of where I have added most of the wales. I am having a struggle taking the corner with the planking below the wales at the bow so I have started playing with Chuck's Spiling guide jig to bend the planks edge wise. I still need to bend the planks around the bow as well. Doing it in 2 separate steps doesn't work. When putting the edge bend planks in warm water to prepare them for the bend around the bow, their "memory' kicks in and they loose their edge bend. I also had to add some material to the E & F bulkheads to close the gaps I accidently created so I am fumbling my way through at this stage. I didn't take any photo's of that process yet.
  11. Thanks Chuck, not convinced on the "before you know it" part just yet..... Also thanks for all the 'likes'. Not much to talk about, I just felt it was time to show some photo's on the progress to date.
  12. Only if your wear a parachute though.......
  13. Happy New Year Everyone..... Peter
  14. Just another quick update on the progress so far. I have finished the planking of the lower counter and am working my way through the planking around the sweep port openings. The last 2 photo's show the (very basic) jigs I use to pre-bend the planks at the bow and to pre-bend and twist the planks at the stern. Here are some photo's..
  15. Time for another update. It's been a while but I lost my MoJo a little bit for a while. A job change (unexpected) and a few minor health scares (hopefully minor) can do that to you. Luckily after being let go from the company I worked for I managed to get another full time job virtually within 2 weeks. Not bad for an old fart....(or maybe just lucky...lol). So..., my MoJo rediscovered I picked up from where I left and managed to finish chapter 4. Just a few photo's to show where I am at....

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