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Artesania Latina New Swift model


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I just received this kit as a Christmas gift. It will be my first attempt at building such a model. I’ve been searching this site and reading for a few weeks to prepare for my build, and when I opened the box, I was a bit disappointed...but maybe I just need some questions answered from the experienced members of the forum.


I’ve not seen a build log for this exact kit after it appears to have been re-designed. The sails are different. There is no “sub-deck”. There are no plans...just a single large poster of different views of a completed build in 1:1 photos and a DVD with very cursory instructions. I was expecting paper plans.


All the laser cut pieces are made of plywood and the instructions, unless I missed it, look like they only call for single planking instead of double. It looked to me as though the previous version had some real wood laser cut pieces...like the keel and some of the visible parts on the deck. I was hoping to leave it unpainted with a wood finish. I’m not sure that is possible as the kit is currently supplied.


Has anyone built or started a build on this exact kit? Am I just so new that I don’t know exactly what I’m looking at? Any help or guidance would be appreciated.




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Do not know this re-release, but I was curious to see the content after I saw it in AL catalogue.

Well, AL never cared much about any historical accuracy or overall design.

It seems from what you wrote, that as with all their newer kits they are simply following their policy: make it cheaper, cheaper, cheaper, but in nice package, so it would sell.

Strictly aesthetically speaking, I consider this new longer bowsprit version more eye pleasing than the previous one. Yes, probably due to cheap materials, painting would be necessary though....

"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor."


Completed: Smuggler




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Thanks for the reply, juhu. Had I known they had made these changes to the kit, I would not have selected it for my gift (my wife “gave” it to me officially as my Christmas gift, but I researched and purchased it myself). It may be an even better beginner kit as it’s currently supplied, but the lack of plans is curious to me. If they were cheapening it for a novice...dumbing it down...I would think more detailed instructions would be included.


I will build it and see how it goes. I guess I’m posting to get confirmation on what it appears AL did with this kit and to let others know of these changes. Again, maybe they are for the better for a first build novice like me. And I wanted to hear from experienced modelers on what they think of these changes.

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