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  1. Beautiful finish on the deck, your cannons are spectacular! Keep up wonderful work!
  2. hi, nice touch with the sails, you will make them full sail? or wrapped?
  3. Stay strong, wish you all the best! Glad to hear your better now!
  4. Amazing work, i can only imagine how hard to reach all lines on this ship, a lot of rigging!
  5. Hello, this ship is on my wish list, will watch with pleasure. Your work is remarkable neat! Very nicely done planking!
  6. Hello, due to my current work, i have no time to work on the ship, hope to be back on her, might on winter time. Wish you all good building, and nice summer!
  7. Hi, today working on the deck aging, decided to use Citadel paints and inks to make it a bit darker. Later will work on the second deck support. Few photos.
  8. Hi all, thank you for all the likes and the comments! Today started doing my deck planking, i decided to use 8 mm length planks. Few photos of my work.
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