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  1. Hi all, today was aligning all gun ports, also made gratings. Few photos.
  2. Hello Gregory. Mamoli makes really nice looking boats indeed. Welcome on board. Thank you for your link, i need to check it all there, am still considering the scheme of the colors and the style of the ship.
  3. Hi all, this weekend working on the hull structure and the gun ports.Few photos.
  4. Beautifull work! I did read that inflamation can intoxicate all body ! You should get your dental treatment !
  5. It is putting together beautifuly! Į really like the idea of furled sails, it gives alive apearance! Congrats!
  6. Hi. thank you for joining, you are all welcome ! Today working on the hull structure. It is the most interesting part of the build for me. I decided to create this ship with curvy deck, not a flat one, for that i needed to make every hulkhead curvy. Also i decided to use electricity and make lights on the deck, stern gallery and the masts. Few photos.
  7. What a neat finish of the hull! Green color stands out nicely with white strip!
  8. Start of the build. Placing all bulkheads, they need a lot of adjustment and sanding.
  9. Hello all. Today i am starting a new adventure. I was long thinking which ship chose to build and decided to go with a frigate, it will be third build. Mamoli - La Gloire 1778. This ship is a classic frigate that belonged to the French Navy at the end of the XVIII century. The vessel was equipped with 26 12-pound guns on the battery deck, in addition to 4 6-pound guns, and 4 carronades of the main deck. La Gloire was planned by the shipbuilding engineer Guignace, and was launched at St.Malo in 1778. This model is a reproduction, scale 1:90, of the ship during the first year of navigation, with the bottom painted white. One year later, in June 1779, like with many other ships, the submerged part of the hull was sheathed with copper plates to protect it from corrosion. Kit is double plank-on bulkhead, with pre-cut wooden parts of walnut, mahogany, lime, beech, boxwood and tanganyka. Pre-finished fittings include wooden ship's boat, blocks, deadeyes and gratings, gilded metal for transom ornamentation and figurehead, brass nails and belaying pins, and finely cast white metal for the gun port frames. The 34 guns of the original ship are reproduced in burnished metal. Colorful flags, four sizes of rigging, plans and instructions are included as well. Intermediate Level Mamoli Kit No. MV34W Length 33"/Height 25"/Scale 1:90 Photos of the box and inside the box.
  10. It is getting the shape now. very nice build to watch! Keep on good work!
  11. Hi all, thank you OC, David, Popeye, all the likes! Doing some work on the crew i got, it is amati figures. Today they got they ship! Few photos:
  12. This is exceptional work, very neatly done! hull looks so well build!

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