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  1. Splendid case. So now it's turn to build a house around it - to have some nice display place for her!
  2. Hallo Johann, thank you for both video links. Just magnificient, as all the posted pictures in this thread, which has been in my "follow list" for a long time. Pure joy to view your work, but I also must admit, it is always a little bit frustrating when I realise the fact I can never bring my ship model anywhere close to this :). Wish you all the best also for the upcoming year and looking forward to seeing the next posts of her! Juraj
  3. Thank you Bob for your answer. Very good hints, particularly the "scale distance", I will try to take it into account as much as I can. Indeed, overdoing some details beyond the "scaled" visibility often makes model looking more detailed and more precisely build, disregarding how far it matches the reality. Something similar to be often seen in case of weathering plastic model kits for example
  4. Hi Allan, Jon thank you very much for your time and posted info - very helpful. To sum it up - in 1/4 scale, probably leaving off the deck fasteners would not do any harm - due to the plugs covering them, they are barely visible. Yet I may find a way how to represent them in very gentle way. As for the hull, Trunnels are much more obvious being obviously from different kind of wood. Let's see.... Those pics are wondeful. Just by just if I may bother a bit more, would there be any complete view of deck margin plank? According to Chappele, there seems to be no strict
  5. Just adding. I do have an original print of great book "The American fishing schooners" by Chapelle, yet was not able to find satisfying answers so far....
  6. Splendid work and marvellous final result. Thanks for sharing. And of course, wish you all the best for your upcoming "family" projects!
  7. Hi all, I would like to ask fo the help with planking treenails / iron bolts for deck and hull planking for a gloucester fishing schooner ca. 1880. I am building Smuggler kit from BlueJacket (1/4 or 1:48 scale), but prefer not to paint it, rather let the natural wood to be seen and some faithfull representation of plank fastenings would help. A) Deck Here I am somehow confused. On a few historical shots actually no treenails are visible. I assume, the bolts were hidden under some kind of wooden plugs, not visible against the deck structure? Also on restored fishing s
  8. Hm, no such experience. I would expect, particularly if the wood has been stored long enough to get dry, it shall cause no major problems over time. After all, it is glued properly, not a big mass of wood that should shrink and you got it under some protective lacquer coat I guess? Crossed fingers. (Parádna stavba, dúfam, že ju stihneš dokončiť, lebo ver mi, aj keď dostaviaš ten dom, po príchode potomka na modelárčenie zabudni na pekne dlhý čas )
  9. Hi. Am not any expert, but what I know, on Roman warships there were often moveable bridges on the prove used for "aboardage" - after the ship hit the enemy, the bridge was lowered (it had some kind of iron hooks that would bite to the enemy ship's deck) so the infantry could board the ship. Romans were not so keen sailors and when possible, to fight as on the land was preferred. Check this. Could this be that strange thing, of course, simplified by the artist? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corvus_(boarding_device)
  10. This looks very interesting! I see you choose to cut off the bulwarks completely and replace them with stripe rather than tricky chiselling in order to get desired thickness. I may to apply the same in my case. Was thinking about it but was afraid of the results. How did you achieve the smooth and regular run of this new bulwark, if there is no inner support helping to follow the shape? Do you plan to plank or paint the hull? Thx
  11. Hm,,,,, this is strange. My Smuggler kit includes very, very detailed step by step instructions (by Erik Ronneberg) I cannot see the book in your pics, may be your package was not delivered complete?
  12. Hi Glenn, came accroos your thread, being attracted by the strange scale you mentioned. Kudos, you are only the second person on the web I have found who measured the kit and came to the same conclusion: the scale is totally off. Not a suprise, considering Artesania Latina "reputation" , still not nice. And I admit, this prevents me from buying the kit, seeing 1/48-1/50 as a must. Nevertheless, am keen on seeing the progress on this beautiful ship! Regards Juraj
  13. IMHO, although period ship kit with all guns out like an angry hedgehog is the most typical way how to build the kit, in reality I think the ship did not have enough crew to control the guns on the both sides at once, so I would assume even in ideal position, just before the shot, only one side would be out. Also, in the heat of battle I assume it may well happen that only some guns are out: the gun, if barrel loaded from the front needs to be in, then moved to the outer positien just before the shot. I think if you keep the lids closed or opened and just left a pair of guns out, cannot be an
  14. Pleasure to see such a master work. Again and again I am assuring myself, that wooden model ship left in natural wood color is the best looking option, even if the original is painted. Thanks for sharing your build.
  15. Nice idea these sailors, indeed. Although I cannot tell how popular they will be - 1/72 scale is not so common for ship models (like e.g. 1/64) Also, if they were in "admiralty" 1/48 scale, I would probably take one set - not much choices there, I believe just some metal casted sailor set I saw somewhere online from other manufacturer...
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