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I'm planning on building a boat using the same method as the MS Bounty Launch Kit, using a frame mold and frame strips bent to it. Scale will be the same too, so made a mistake, the strips will be 3/32 thk x 3/16, not 3/16 square, my bad :huh:



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I haven't used cherry, but I used walnut to make the frames on my ship's boat. I used 1mm x 0.5mm strips, soaked them in boiling water until they sank, then wiped them with PVA glue so they wouldn't splinter. Then I very carefully and slowly bent them round a post using a hairdryer to play on them. The heat not only allowed the wood to bend, but dried the glue and made the curve firm. I was able to achieve the same kind of bend as you are looking for. The key was doing it very gently. For the first round I held the wood in pliers while the hairdryer was on. This also heated the metal post I was bending the strips round and it retained its heat for some time. Whilst it was still hot I completed the bending by hand round the post.



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I think 3/32" square stock will be muuuuuuuucccchhhh easier to bend in that radius. It will require soaking as Tony suggests. I have never done it with cherry, but if he can do it with walnut, I am sure it can be done with cherry. Cherry should have a finer and closer grain than walnut.



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